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One oh, six one FM talk dot com to connect wanna to get healthy, you wanna feel better, but you don't want to take pills, or just drink the shake over and over again or Jack hormones because why would you then the health dare is what you seek implementing changes in your lifestyle that are easy to adapt to and showing big results type two diabetes symptoms. Reduced. You've got more energy. You're looking. Great. And no Jim Nikki, and Maggie valley to this program in a wheelchair and lost sixty pounds. So if you're ready to learn more about the health dare and take advantage of the buy one get one half off. So you and a friend or you wanna spouse can do it. Call eight seven seven I dare me or log onto I dare Raleigh dot com. Get up first thing smoke cigarette before lunch after lunch now that I'm talking about it. I kind of feeling like I've lost about four hours of every day. I decided I needed to find alternative. So I started looking in jul- came up. I did both for awhile it eventually I just switched over, and it's very quick. Mimi, made the switch July twenty fifteen make the switch at J U L dot com. Warning this product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive. Chemical NASCAR salutes refresh by Coca-Cola on military like no other sport. Really about guys like windshield. Everything making you we can be free free them. One of the recent why people like myself. These, you feel the, the patriotism behind the whole day. There's a little bit more pride in yourself and your country can tell the NASCAR accident this Sunday at the Coca Cola six hundred from Charlotte. Six PM eastern on FOX summer.

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