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And so why considered i still got a little bit more time here at nasa and some more things i want to accomplish here but you know who knows being a teacher from space gotta look good in the resume you'll be competitive and get a job yeah exactly all right well again rookie arnold soon to be international space station resident on board coming up in march thanks for joining me today man pleasure thanks for having me three she ate it all bring your this fake hey everyone thanks again for listening if you wanna follow ricky while he's on board the international space station head over to twitter and you can follow him at astro underscore ricky and as always you can follow us online at nasa dot gov slash iss for all the latest on the international space station and on our various social media accounts on facebook twitter and instagram and as always you can use hashtag ask nasa on your favorite platform to submit any ideas for podcast just make sure to mention is for houston we have a podcast this podcast was recorded on january eighteenth thanks to alex perryman john stole pat ryan john streeter greg weisman and ryan stewart and of course thanks again to mr ricky arnold for coming on the show we'll be back next week.

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