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I don't know what i'm doing. Well why well you're probably has something to do with you. Walking up the toilet paper in the toilet and then shower consider yourself lucky because my bad week is that i was recently in spain and at one hotel it's called hotel and a visa this you're exposing them. I got home from the longest day ever ever like on a boat out in the ocean. Blah blah blah and you're like oh. I can't we take shower no water no water like nothing so then. We're supposed to be to dinner as ration- and i'm like wool. What am i supposed to do. We call now and they're like yeah. We're gonna fix it it three hours. They were not fixing it. Then they offered me like room on a different floor and i was like wow moving. Should i bring my shower catty and my flip flops like i'm in goddamn college and just walk down the hall in the elevator like understand or sand about this being a really big issue then. I was like that wasn't the problem because they can't really help wherever then zach was like okay well. We're going to cancel our dinner reservation ration- 'cause we're certainly not going like this. Can we just get. I know it's late but can we please just get arrested some room service and they're like it's too late but there's a restaurant in the hotel so like can we get takeout from the restaurant and hotel like we can't do that. They refused these people. These don't stays there and lady gang. What's her name. The bless hotel visa blessed the worst ari you. I went down to the lobby with zach because we're like. Let's talk to manager. There's gotta be somebody who can get us a plate of food from the restaurant yeah downstairs because the only thing there was a late night menu for room service but it was like a caesar salad in a like a beef sandwich or something like that so we go down and the the manager is inept like literally stopped and i lose my mind and i look at a family. That's checking in and i go. I hope you guys don't like hot showers. They don't have them here you so bitchy in and out or that person. I know you went turbo because i've seen zach bi turbo before. We're both going turbo know. Zach is a double double turbo. It was so is the tobin urban turbo tobin turbo <unk> tobin. Martin turbo is too much for the world to handle so that was my very bad part of the vacation. I went to bed starving and dirty like could you think of a worse way to go to sleep. Yes sure actually started on a hotel in a luxury hotel. I <hes> look i mean as far as your sexual actual vacation. You're already on your period yeah. It's not it's not you didn't you didn't do a whole jar jar. I would like a very very quick like quick race. Okay good week is that we were on vacation for eight days and day six sack and i both let's look to each other and we were like we're ready for this to be over. Thank god i married somebody who is on has the same timeline vacation time right. I think six days this is gonna hit six days and we were like peace out like what is it about the you're just ready to be out from each other ready to be not. It's just like ah you're getting ready to go to dinner. It's kind of even though you're in a new country and it's like a great new experienced kind of groundhogs day because it's like you do your thing during the day and then you go go to dinner and you gained seven pounds and it's like just a lot okay gained. Seven pounds wonder such a in seven or eight days. It's pretty good education. Okay calcio turn bad week world. I was on a train but in general the general not for all world. I know you're giving oh dear. World not be author who listens to something on their iphone without a headset is strap on my flight. What are on any of my voice. I was on the train now in a business class seat. I mean i'm not saying it's business..

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