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Well i've been what what what are you thinking that if if if you didn't see but what is the boxing is just always been clouded with controversy and it seems like they cannot get away from an mma has plenty of what we don't have the deep roots of flop all also the lawful it's not bad boxing is plagued with a though because if you historically followed back the it was ran by gangsters and it was corrupt at one line what i what is the i don't know that it is i i wanna make this point of it tell me if i'm wrong as i don't know that it is corrupt as people still think as i think sometimes there's controversial calls i don't actually do an olympic boxing olympic boxing has been caught there's been pales in professional boxing in dogs i will go back a couple of decades which represents most of my life i haven't seen actual corruption i've seen some controversy but that's what you have people judge people i haven't actually seen corruption naive ease leaving your body lay in and so for years we were one eight eight years we were told that john lonnie criminal mastermind at it was responsible for you know corruption corruption as far as the fish market new you know even the milk deliveries whenever you know whatever cost money john die was involved in okay grateful we spent millions of dollars to prosecute john dali okay great so finally after kyle kraus shroud we put them away you know what i noticed is that in my neighborhood milk beaten cost less money.

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