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Police officer in Irvington New Jersey has been shot and wounded by a suspect happen around eleven AM on myrtle Avenue in Irvington the officer shot in the legs he is expected to survive the suspect is in custody to clean up continues in Springfield New Jersey after yesterday's E. F. zero tornado no one was hurt but the twister did cause some damage buildings and brought down trees and power lines and three the Yankees and white Sox will play a game at the field of dreams venue in Dyersville Iowa on August thirteenth of next year and eight thousand seat temporary stadium will be built for the game which will be nationally televised on fox now at two sixteen increasingly police across the country are undergoing racial bias training what are the cops themselves think of that training CBS news justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff to gaze has been looking into this for over a year and he joins us on WCBS Jeff you reached out to more than a hundred fifty police departments across the country our officers receptive to this racial bias training based on what we've heard from sunlight can follow all the service learn like they order we will use this country we talked to all the service in mesa Arizona and we put them in the shadows so that they could speak we did not identify them and what they told us what we're using frankly because they came in and said that they sought implicit or is straining well part of somebody to run the so they will not receptive to it whether they like it or not isn't working isn't helping officers do their jobs better well that is a question I think the jury is still out please don't only investigation we need Davis for about a year we serve supplant surveys out to about a hundred and fifty follicles departments across the country to get their responses to the questions about what the training institute our concern is really working and frankly some of the police department many of them in fact responded that there you don't have a way of actually working so it is our investigation that it is hard to tell if it's only this training is is really working Jeff we often hear about racial divisions between the police and the public you found a racial divide within some police departments yeah that was interesting we went to St Louis on St Louis sitting hands based on its relationship with the community and some use of force incidents yeah I talked to an officer black or the pharmacist one is for your scores he didn't even hesitate she's like yeah are included you know there are you there still this police department for sure it's a year long investigation by Jeff to gaze at C. B. S. news Jeff thank you for talking with us today thank you Steve two eighteen at W. C. B. S. traffic.

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