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Point that eur eight point eight billion dollar golden egg could crack no it's just like all the the internal review on penn state on baylor on michigan state all these universities reviewing their own actions in how many times do you see a campus review where campus investigation that truly says we messed up how often you see that choose only when there is an outside independent investigation but then call it all out sons row it and then we go back to the fan basis we go back to those with ties to the schools and question and i think you're seeing a lot of that in this story right now now i don't think a university should ever when it comes to anything criminal ever investigate themselves nor their campus police which are employed by that university should lead and investigation it should always be an outside independent law enforcement entity that should handle those investigations take the nc aa their police in themselves who could north carolina look it look at that scandal on academics and the north carolina women get hit harder than the men why because royal williams in the north carolina tar heel basketball program meanwhile a ton of money and tradition for the nc aa and and to programs that have gotten headlines arizona tom izzo hall of fame coach of michigan state there tv draws their names were you look up the guy here's oldest plane the night emma watson michigan state i don't care if you're sitting in main right now or key west florida this is the art of a business deal when it comes to the.

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