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You have melvin ingram. The former pass rusher for the chargers he signed with pittsburgh. The pittsburgh steelers so he'll be going to pittsburgh. I do like the move for pittsburgh. I think they definitely needed to address the pass rusher situation. Obviously you know they lost by duprey you know. They needed somebody to replace that. And i you know. Obviously melvin. Ingram is definitely older than bud duprey and you know he does have an injury history so there is that is something to keep an eye on. When you're you know looking at the defense. Listen i think when it comes to the steelers defense you know. it's going to be one of the defenses. Taking on one of the first defenses taken off the board as usual. i mean. There's still going to be a sack machine And that's definitely something that a lot of fantasy players are going to want. I think the problem with the steelers is obviously their secondary. And you know they do need help at the cornerback spot. I believe you know. Obviously they make fitzpatrick. And you know he's just. Starting joe haines getting older You know so. The the secondary is really. What's going to be the problem for the steelers defense. So you know. We'll see what happens with that. I do like the signing. As long as he stays healthy you know could definitely help the steelers out. And also vince williams the middle linebacker for the steelers. He announced his retirement. So the series. You're gonna look to fill that void You know in the linebacking core. But really i think the major problem with the steelers is going to be there or an issue is the secondary i think. Really what the problem is going to be. i think. of course they're seven gonna be fine Like i said melvin. Ingram stays healthy. This defense is going to be really good. So i think really. There's i mean. I think the steelers defense is still going to be. One of the first defense is taken off the board..

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