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Quote the streamlined. Tab bar takes up less room on the page and floats slightly above the bottom of the screen where it's easier to reach the bar. Seamlessly moves out of the way. As you scroll appears again with a tap. Apple explains and quote. Also the iphone thirteen and thirteen pro are apparently the first iphones to support dual e sim expanding on support for e sim and regular sim in previous. Iphones quoting nine to five mac again. But from a different post quote apple introduced e support on iphone with iphone. Ten are and iphone ten s in twenty eighteen however while you can use a regular sim and an e sim simultaneously. There was no way to use to e sim simultaneously. Until now i thought thirteen and iphone thirteen pro feature dual e sim support for the first time. The new capability was confirmed by apple on the iphone. Thirteenth specs webpage. There apple says that. I found thirteen modules support. Dual sim using both regular. Sim and sam and duly sim as the company calls it. If you check the web page of the iphone twelve or previous generations only combined dual. Sim support is mentioned and quote. Also i did want to correct something that i got wrong yesterday. Pre orders for the iphone. Thirteen lineup begin. Friday september seventeenth with delivery a week later on september twenty fourth. But also. Yesterday i noted that apple kept saying it's various chip and processor upgrades were x. Percent better than unnamed competing smartphones. When usually they like to tout how improved a given chip is from a previous generation apple chip. It turns out that that is because in a i. Apple reported no. Cpu gains for the fifteen chip. Likely because of the engineer exodus to companies like nubia and rivaz quoting the semi analysis sub stack. it appears. apple has not changed the cpu much. This generation semi analysis believes that the next generation core was delayed out of twenty twenty one into twenty twenty two due to cpu engineer. Resource problems in two thousand nineteen nubia was founded and later acquired by qualcomm for one point. Four billion dollars apple's chief. Cpu architect gerard williams as well as over one one hundred other apple engineers left to join this firm more. Recently semi analysis broke the news about riva's a new high-performance chip startup which includes many senior apple engineers that brain-drain continues and impacts will be more apparent as time moves on as apple once drained resources out of intel and others through the industry. The reverse now seems to be happening. We believe apple had to delay the next generation. Cpu court due to all the personnel turnover. Apple has been experiencing instead of a new cpu core. They are using a modified version of last year's core. One of these modifications is related to the cpu cores mmu. This work was being done for the upcoming colloquially named 'em one x. generation of mac chips part of the reason for this change is related to larger memory sizes and virtualization features slash support in addition. There may be other small changes as well but we need hardware in the hand to analyze that we also aren't sure if avalanche and blizzard are the next generation cores or the current modified firestorm icestorm cores regardless of the poultry. Cpu gains and potential core architecture. Delays apple is still the leader in performance per watt with intel design. Team starting to get back on track. Amd executing flawlessly and qualcomm coming in soon like a hammer with nubia cores. We aren't sure if this lead will be sustained the a eleven to eight twelve generation was seen as apple starting to asem tote out on gains with only a fifteen percent gain and the eighth thirteen eight fourteen looked even more week with eight point three percent gains but now with no cpu gains at all. Let's cross our fingers and hope the sixteen brings a large architectural change and quote also by the way apple watchers. steve trump and smith tweeted this quote. There's a reason apple didn't talk about the apple watch series seven. Cpu this year. And it's because it's the exact same as last year series six in fact it doesn't even get a new model number it's effectively just. Hse tweak and.

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