Heidi Loman, Oregon, $225 Billion discussed on PBS NewsHour


Back to the bottom of the public Policy mountain. It hasn't recovered since Elliot Hospital wrote a book recently on Childcare reform. You can't understand early childhood in America without understanding a deep history of sexism. There's a sense that it is the duty and obligation of the mother to take care of the young child. The problem, of course, is that especially since the 19 sixties women have entered the workforce in very large numbers, but there's been no adjustment on the policy side to that reality. Until now, the pandemic has pushed childcare back to the top of the political agenda. This presentation includes the biggest investment in childcare since World War two President Biden has proposed $225 billion in new childcare spending over 10 years, but there is still stiff opposition. We can't have everything. We cannot advance women's careers. And boost the economy and optimize early childhood development all at the same time. This is just this is just a tough reality. We need a system that's going to support parents. Whatever they want to do. The American childcare dilemma can be summed up in the fact that we don't have an American child care system. Hey, Audie. While the politics play out, America's childcare dilemma continues for families like Heidi Loman in Miranda Chamberlain next week. I'm asking for a reduction in hours because our daycare is changing their hours their long term plan moving away from Portland to raise autumn near extended family for the PBS news hour. I'm Cat wise in Oregon. More than six months since the January 6th attack on.

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