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Gotten to a point in the process of making a song and then like this isn't what we were looking for this? Isn't that what you were talking about? We don't feel it anymore like this isn't the direction that we wanted it to go or yeah we probably wrote like two or three albums worth of material in between records that we kind of just scrapped and use and songs productions and even like branding and try to figure out like trying to kind of keep saying we of want like a world like a through line for all of our stuff in in one project in one batch. Whether it's an EP or album and yet we didn't get it right the first few times so show them and sometimes songs like that can come back in different ways Like hurricane actually was one of the first songs we wrote. We're trying to figure out the sound And then we scrapped it. Put It away for a while And then years later Fred actually brought it back into the mix after we'd already quoted. Sounds like spoonful and heavy ground and is really kind of organic zones And he had just upright piano and vocals on this Little Demo. They played for seventy and it was perfect. It made the song like it just clicked for some reason as where we with the big. We had huge kind of like gigantic production on Initially THAT WASN'T DIVIDE. But just a little change like that. Sometimes you can see songs in a different light and they can come back into the fold have.

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