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Actually at the beginning of my career. I wanted to go to the bathroom. Because it's always very distracting to walk through the crowd and everything there. I didn't sorry for the mechanics that i actually did. My little taste car before the before the stars but with all the heat and evaporation i think it was okay never told the mechanics williams but then eventually though into went to the bathroom always as well to the to the botham radio went to. Besides 'cause we're sort of taste wise would be an obvious array like a like a coffee. Steiber that rice then you. I did Yeah that'd be the will. The pant elements was blue with him. He must have been so upset when he saw mercedes changed the color scheme to black last year and thinking what he missed add on when he was driving. Got away with free sates pieces. There's something very incredible sentence. This something very patronizing about the phrase. I did my little toilets. Sounds like he's doing about a dog. And i know growing for a you know. It's it's an half an rubber and fuelled and that that smell six ass like that. That doesn't really go away. And there's usually a market for reused used rice way. I think you're collectors of nichiren staff guy. So that's why they have funny heffler. Who's just does the cat. I mean look. This potentially though isn't there because from twenty twenty-five whenever it is with the new engines they want one hundred percent biofuels. So maybe there's a way that can be incorporated into the system. Could be well. You know we talked about You know reusing nj you. H regenerating hate angie. uk regenerating connecticut. Yes nj. I think the next step. I think that he's the most logical forget. Canola oil bio-fuels fuels just hook up some kind of catheter systems. Drive it's possible but and that could also include so not only having the kite critical. I guess getting constant urine sample. So i the sports integrity. There's doubts as to whether we should subsidize. Then you can get so not only. Do you have to get fuel sample of so you need the famous one later. Sebastian vital vittles law of one later of of petrol. And then you need of maybe ten ten liters of of iran after the rice for jurists sample. I like the idea that imagine. What would put into their drink. Supplements little drink canisters would be something more high-octane than just electrolytes syllabi. He could be anything. Go rhino great time to be a red bull wooden in get great spot to superposition disaster. That piece rice fuel would be the which is then actually sounds go bad because it sounds like a problem and of formula one as with everything just takes things a little bit too far so just common-or-garden urine. He's not good enough. Because you know if you if you hydride just water so that's not good for anybody then. They're going to start experimenting with. What's the effects of consuming asparagus. Prior to the vice obey traits for example. Could you put exotic sort of additives into net. Now using human guinea pigs to is the former one that we really want. I think we're taking too This brave new world willing to say it john. I hope that i consider this. They've got a little while to agree on the engine rules. I look forward to seeing what they said. Look let's let us talk about the dutch very briefly step. He's home race although he's he suggested earlier in the weekend that was one of these many home races one of which being belgian grown pray but by the end of it. He said he was under a lot of pressure to win. He's homegrown praise. I don't know if he was just trying to hide it or what but never really looked challenged throughout the weekend. I mean qualifying was very close but to problems up shifted twice out of a corner and that didn't work so probably was flattering. Mercedes is a little bit there. And absolutely i mean can you imagine what would have happened if he had not one that rice. With all those fans absolutely huffed up on the fumes of the players that were told not a lot. Anyway it would've been awful. They would have had to helicopter evacuated very widow. That there was going to be mutiny. If it was a dutch drive a course mexican stephan. The first dutch person to to win over at zandvoort. The most winning driver finally nafeesa is jim. Clark with full winds in a so-called pay the windows pretty upset about that but that's that going away That's actually well. no baxter. Stepping is about three more clock. Wonderful time so paid a windsor. Your own notice the next view. Groans brave zandvoort. But tally what apart from bingo. And sort of the banking as well. It was quite quite the size bingo in the banking album title. They go in the world bank That's yeah it was. It was a zan vote was built up to be one heck of a growing parade not just the atmosphere as well. And the the formula zero rice held me by the unsanctioned extinction and didn't even get. Bingo would not waste time on the red jacket for for formula zero but nonetheless was as a circuit. It blew surprised david my expectations. I mean we saw that little feature on the scarf. Sports coverage with anthony davidson and michael messy filmed about five years ago by the looks at things. Such as the it's such was. The allied proceedings was writing to complain while they weren't wearing masks of course two thousand and eight but to see that track evolve to become not atasoy home in the one calendar think regardless of the lack of on-track excitement over the over the rice example t to stay quite frankly and on that either. Stay long as max's racing in the first year that maximum ties i mean. He's he's only twenty three. Which is incredible. But i wonder what's what it would look alike max staff in there and young new york either. He bought. i can't imagine what it would look like without him. But i mean it can would be much quieter and dj bingo. It'd be much less busy. Which maybe looked by the time you get there. He probably welcome welcoming the time off. Because we between another all-time stat on the jim clark Scale of statistics is that maximus tappan and he's taken. The lead of the. The drivers championship is now the most successful driver not to have a title to. He's named drivers won the most races. He's just pasta stealing most getting paid a windsors flat about that very very flat with i mean pay to the has the van wall and they are flags at half my house by i look. It doesn't necessarily mean anything but you know. He's leaving leading the driver's championship now. Which is part of the way onto correcting that record and it is now. I mean he's gonna have more wins by the end of the season. I mean this was a particular circuit. Who was a particular challenge. Raisins mercedes might think that he didn't the mercedes and hamilton didn't perform as well as i did. They didn't really suit the banking quite so much. And i like practice onto perfect the cost in that regard but it does feel like and we'll. We'll be a real test. Because fred wednesday then i think i might. I might be ready to call it but it does feel like momentum moving back towards verstappen now a little bit to be still too close to call. They still can't take a couple of more preferences in the scientific data for that one. Monday's not not not quite the the the blue bulls stranglehold hall was. But yeah i mean to again as we have said multiple times this season this is max is total to lose..

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