President Trump, Fox Rain, Debbie Wasserman Schultz discussed on Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont


Is his prerogative if you can provide me one shred of evidence that there was any collusion between the president is guilty poverty resident i therefore would actually in this is unaware far there's absolutely nothing what do you what zero seven zero what what is the but there is real evidence that the democrats have your gps added that where they're trying to hammer what a what is your what is your response to the the fusion gps schori that was a big story this week is that the russians were involved they were trying to create skulduggery and the trump campaign they're trying to get stuff on him so that that what was going on here if it was going on and it may have been going on on both sides the truth come out invest way but do you agree with that do do you agree that would you associate with the do you agree with the validity of the story of the fusion gps story this past week i'm honestly unfamiliar is lower while story that has to do with you when you get anything as they say your report only at fox rain is that why acm the awards hey through money and tried to go to pakistan all that is one under debts wasserman schultz that's guy either debbie wasserman schultz at your candidate shoved him at a lot of ads stuff in there that you should look at it don't let it look let the investigators come to come to ivory the dan if you have nothing to hide what you hear it all in your president to ensure that a full no independent russian investigation goes on under his department he has denied unlikely hazare no i like hello out in the enlarged down there is no evident yes or no do you think that an independent full russian investigation should go on yes or no what is neither do i think it has all goods are your for it i'm for any investigation great i have no problem with the rebels me that neither of you know anything about fusion gps an order from you're someone each the news are you just watching fake news sealed some were you should watch was also reported by the ap any where are you guys region hey listen we are i don't i don't think they're fizzled 300 rushing engine from that what.

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