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And W L I r F M Hampton Bays. From around the world to around the block. This is a W A V c 77 2nd News Update. I'm Deborah Valentine 20 years following 9 11 President Joe Biden in Manhattan for today's remembrance at Ground Zero. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says there are no known incredible The most important thing I can say to all New Yorkers, there are no specific and credible threats directed against New York City at this time. NYPD commissioner is Dermot Shea is it's a beautiful weekend. Come out enjoy, and I'll leave you with this. We have a saying in the police department to never forget. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years. From that day, 23 NYPD officers lost their lives on 9 11 Keep an ear to 77 W. ABC for our continuing 9 11 coverage to civilians hurt after a rooftop fire broke out at ST John's Episcopal Hospital. Late yesterday afternoon. Firefighters had that fire under control in about an hour. Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from the hospitals. Rooftop to independent investigators have found the TAS massive subway shut down August 29th was caused by human error. That's your 77 seconds. W ABC News update Your forecast from the Ramsey Mazda Weather Center. Sunshine are high 78 right now. 58 Sonny. I'm Deborah Valentine. Traffic.

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