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And you just picked somebody who's not. One of the, I would say ten best quarterbacks in the league over what are the only three defensive players of matters and summarize twenty seven who I, I was looking at Ray Lewis stats in, you know, Ray Lewis won a Super Bowl at the ravens in two thousand which Khalil Mack has not done, but Ray Lewis whose twenty seven in. I think the two thousand two season which is. Amax age right now. Imagine the ravens trading Ray Lewis in two thousand two. Who who then goes to play another twelve years, basically wins another Super Bowl. Thirteen teaches us about deer antler spray was the best defensive player in the league or at least in the top three for at least six, seven years there. And it just in retrospect jubilant oh my God, I can't believe the traitor Ray Lewis. And I think that's what we're going to say about this Cleal MAC trade, I think it's a complete catastrophe and you agree at that point, you're going to play with a chip on his shoulder, but you're forgetting the big, the big story here the, but really the big story of Saturday is that, and we're not going to get a lot of chances to do this. So let's graduate ourselves on on winning a bet. Basically as soon as it came out, we were surprised to see that Bavadra all of these sports. They had it on the board the under for raiders wins, which we liked anyway, was eight and minus one thirty, and then we jumped on it. And then like three hours later, it was seven and a half and minus one fifty was the under. So. To us, we really did it. Well, we did that and then we had the, we did a, it's so funny on the pod last week. I was yelling at you that you're gonna talk me into a parlay, a make the playoffs parlay with three teams, and I was going to look at it and go, oh my God. Yeah, you're right. There's no way this loses and then we're going to do to offer it up. And I was like, f you are not doing that. You can go to hell. You're not talking me into that and then I was the one that sent it to you. Yeah, that's right. And I, I know your psyche, radio, all. We're not done with that. By the way there's going to be a lot more not make the Pollock playoff pilots for us. So we did. We did. The Rams minus three, twenty five to make the playoffs. The patriots minus eleven hundred to make the playoffs to basically Brady gets hurt. We're screwed. I don't know. And then the raiders not to make the playoffs which was minus two hundred and Saturday right after this Khalil Mack trade. If the raiders make the playoffs. What's the most disgusting thing I could eat on the podcast and videotape? What is it like? I'm trying to think like brand. What is it? Kyle, Kyle? What's the most disgusting thing I could eat probably cousin Kyle sandal, yes, let your Kyle San Luis causing diff- spent. But yeah, I think I think probably spit sign of food though could be, I'll eat, you know what? I've always swore that I would never eat testicles. Those like the brains. You know, like those people to the cow testicles are a delicacy. I got here. I'll eat testicles on a podcast and they could be human Tesco's. Cow, Tesco's, I'll eat alley. Some para test goes on this podcast. Raiders make it will never eat Roger Goodell testicles. If the raiders make the playoffs. I could probably only one there so huge. It'd probably two meals, so we all right, this is good. The other beds we did. Did we jump on the bears. No, we came away from the bears over. I'm looking at it. We did all right division. Champ bets. Tennessee plus three twenty five c. plus to sixty five Carolina plus two seventy five bears plus eight hundred Bengals plus seven fifty..

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