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WG Y T for twenty percents off your order so Tom Welcome guy there. How you doing today doing very well today? How could you not do well? Sunny Florida in November. Yeah we're we're fortunate enough to be here in your home Just admiring the gorgeous landscaping the unbelievable water scenes and I. I'm fascinated by this because I really did. Enjoy the new book and it resonates so much. 'CAUSE will come out of you in this book. Is that entrepreneurial it so I have to know where did that H I come from when you first realize you had that entrepreneurial gene gene. Well I guess going back to. Even when I was a young boy I had a paper route I collected bottles. I collected newspapers. I did all kinds of things because my parents were having a tough time financially. So there wasn't a lot of money to spread around so I went out and started doing those. Things got a level of satisfaction. Tim Enjoyment out of it. But serious thing happened to be one day. I was about seventeen years old. My father was a salesman for macaroni Company in Houston. This deliver macaroni two small supermarkets around the city in a big truck. So I used to helping leaves sixty five sixty six years old but one day we were back at the distribution bution point my father headey very degrading conversation with his boss and I had to sit stale neared and listen to it and it really affected me so I sort of made two commitments. One I wanted to have my own business and number two. I never would talk down to people. I finally got talked down to that day so what college it offered. Stay Tech thought about it. All the time I was in college came out Look for opportunities. Today I got out of school and it just continued from there. It's remarkable a story like that. The impact in the lasting impression impression that can have on you I N interested. They'll prior to that. The did you have any idea what you might do. When you're older specifically glee? No I knew I wanted to be the business world and took business at Alfred Tacke Which is the college I went to a two year college? I worked a year before I went to school because I didn't have any money to pay for room and board books and all that type of thing But I was pretty sure right from the beginning that I want to have my own business and control my own destiny. So I'd love to hear the origin story paychecks. Here you have this incredible circumstance where you view something your father father happening. And then you get that real id so then. How does paychecks come to be well I had worked for a company called electronic counting systems will call? Es for sure and they were a payroll processor they were typical of the payroll processes. Back in the fifties and sixties. They went after large companies. Their thought was larger through the company. The more checks they will produce in the more revenue. While I went to work for that company they started in sales that made me sales manager and then when they have just driving down the street I said you know we have an opportunity so a lot of small business but our product doesn't fit very well and I went to the library and found out ninety. Ninety eight percent of all American businesses are less than one hundred employees and I said why are we knockin heads against lawler competition at the high end of the market. Why don't you come up with the product for the Woah the market especially when the fifty employees? So I dreamed up a product definition very simply The way we get information from declined to press baron hadn't called him on the telephone instead of filling out of combat complicated computer input. She that has to be then picked up process and of course some back. So why don't we just add calling on the telephone. We'll read the employees in the. Let's let's just tell us a verbalize what they want to accomplish. Typical twenty person payroll takes about two or three minutes and the client doesn't have to learn how to do anything. Okay secondly if you're an employer in the United States of America you are really an unpaid tax collector. You collect taxes from your employees you remitted to the federal and state governments ever bits. And if you don't do it correctly or untie so heavy fines you panther. You have to pay well. Why not accomplish that for the clients pay the federal estate taxes forms? They never get behind. Never get caught up or forget to.

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