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Here's a tip when you're learning anything with a fuse on it. Make sure you know what it is. Yeah. You might wanna have candles on hand when the power goes out. But you wanna make sure what you're grabbing is actually a candle and not a stick of dynamite. Women in Bridgeport, Connecticut, they had they had severe thunderstorms power outage the dark in the house. And the woman says, well, wait a minute. They just moved into a house, and I guess a few years before the previous people that are they listen candles down seller. She went down there grabbed a stick of dynamite lit. She blew part of her handle. It would be funny. See now lost a few fingers. But wouldn't you realize when you have to snap the top off that it's not really a a stick? It's a stick of dynamite rather than a flare or candle. I can't believe they left like, yeah. I can't believe there actually that was left in the house. And if they knew something like that was left in a house, and why the previous owners, why would you have a dynamite inside your house the very good question. And here's this knucklehead, I just some drunk I in altogether now, Florida. Recently, set fire to his house trying to bake cookies on his George Foreman grill first of all cookies and a George Foreman grill. Even possible seemed like a good idea at the time. Apparently. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, he threw some towels on it to smother the fire, which of course, caused the fire to spread and he was too drunk to realize. So apparently, he forgot about them. Gee, here's another shot keyed meditated that you've been smoking pot. Oh, gee. And so maybe he was cookie. Sounded so good. Exactly. That's why. Yeah. That's why he started the fire. That's why he was. I Don 'cause that's coming up in six minutes, a disaster for the jets new hotshot quarterback, then redemption and.

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