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Time time is 9 33. We'll take a look at the weather in just a couple of minutes, but first Here's New Jersey. Fast traffic. Well, I'm looking at a number of detours out there this evening. First up and Keyport, they've gotta stretch of 36 shut down north bound lanes Gonna be deported Atlantic Street. From an earlier wrecked that brought down a pole in some wires and also watch out for closure. In Ewing Township, 29 shut down for falling power lines out by River Road, and there is still a detour on 206, South Bend and Byron Township. If you're heading back down towards 80 earlier wreck brought down a pole it that's about two. So that'll be shut down your Tamarack Road and also in the Wycoff area. They've gotta stretch a gavel road shut down for a fallen tree and power lines. It's right out by highway to await parkway moving along fairly well at this point again, we've got some very heavy rainfall headed our way. So I want to take it easy out there this evening and because of the heavy rain. We have got a couple spots with flooding. We're looking at right now. South bound Turnpike reports of standing water south of exit for but it looks like it's passable with care. Same on route 46 Denville east of Route 80. There is a right wing shut down for the flooding, but again, not seeing a big jam. Because of that crossings pretty good shape for the Sunday evening ride. Just keep in mind. There is a tractor trailer band at the Bayonne and goggles. That's for the high winds. The support sponsored by unbound dot org's girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor, an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of the community, you can reach out and change their world. Will change your own unbound daughter work traffic every 15 minutes. Next reports at 9 48 I'm Jeff from New Jersey one at 1.5. Jersey Radio, Honest Voice of the People of New Jersey one on 1.5..

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