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The majestic gardens and olive groves of the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. The observatory whose roots go back to the 16th century is nestled among Cyprus is near the remains of a Roman villa. This is the end that has the the papal farm. So you can see the cows of the people. Milk comes from run by Jesuits. The observatory moved to this bucolic setting in the 19 thirties when like pollution in Rome, obstructed celestial observation. A huge telescope dating from 18 91 stands under a dome ceiling, and it was one of about 18 identical telescopes that we've set up around the world. To photograph the sky. One of the first international projects of astronomy. A native of Detroit councilman You studied physics at MIT volunteered with the Peace Corps in Africa and top physics before becoming a Jesuit brother in his forties. He's been at the observatory for three decades. His passion for astronomy started with a childhood love of science fiction. I love the kind of science fiction that gives you that sense of wonder. That reminds you at the end of the day. Why we dream being able to go into space. Some of the world's most important scientists come to teach at the observatory Summer school. It has hosted scientists and space industry leaders for U. N sponsored conference on the ethics and peaceful uses of outer space. It cooperates with NASA on several space missions. And it operates a modern telescope in partnership with the University of Arizona. But where we still need to work is with the rest of the world. The people in the pews Especially nowadays, there are too many people in the pews who think you have to choose between science and faith to reach those people. The Vatican Observatory recently launched a new website and podcast, exploring issues such as meteorites hitting the earth or how to live on the moon. As to how the faith versus science culture wars can be resolved. Brother Guy says What's most important is that he wears a collar, a devoutly religious person who is also an Orthodox scientists. That fact alone. Shatters the stereotypes another American at the observatory, shattering stereotypes. His brother Bob Mack, curator of the collection of meteorites, rocks formed in the early days of the solar system. Pointing to a dark rock a few inches long lying on his desk. He says it was formed 4.5 billion years ago, providing clues on how the solar system was formed. In order to understand the natural world. You have to study the natural world. You cannot just simply close your eyes and ignore it or pretend that it is other than it is. You have to study it. You have to come to appreciate it. Brother Guy Councilman, you asked how the study of the Stars interacts with his faith says Astronomy doesn't provide answers to theological questions and Scripture doesn't explain science, but the astronomy Is the place where I interact with the creator of the universe where God sets up the puzzles, and we have a lot of fun solving them together. And he believes the recent dark period of the pandemic has weakened the arguments of those who are skeptical of science. Because people can see science in action. Science doesn't have all the answers. And yet Science is still with all of its mistakes, and with all of its stumbling is still better than no science. Sylvia Poggioli NPR NEWS, Castel Gandolfo. Who got it. And now we're going to take you into a world of new music with our friends at Latino who always bring us the best recommendations and reporting for duty is, of course, out Latino host Felix Contreras. Hello. Good morning, Lulu. How are you? I am Well, um, Who are we going to start listening to? Who's this? This is Argentine vocalist Sofia Ray. She's got a new album called Umbral, and It was five years in the making, and she did it. After a backpack trip across Eastern Chili With her recording gear. She collected folk music from musicians she encountered along the way, and she mashes that up with her own mix of electronic, ambient and soul. It's an intoxicating album produced with her musical partner J. C, Milord. This track is called La Caida. Look, I even shake up more. Then give it up. Put a knight who was happy think she do say so? To swear it day. Those are deep lyrics like Aida's, of course, the fault and she's talking about infinity. And you know all these kind of big concepts. Yeah, she's basing the record on a lot of poetry, a lot of traditional singer songwriters from that party chili. It's really, really deep. In a lot of different ways, and by the way, she performed a tiny desk concert in January as part of our collaboration with the Global Fest Music Fest in New York. You can check it out for more of her musical magic. I will. All right. What's next, Okay? Got to bring you Cuban music. Of course, it's in the contract. This is a new album called Hokuto From a group of the same name. It features a lead singer Pedro Francisco and made a Borriello who of course, has a nickname data. It's heavily percussive lots of street Roomba and the Bata drums of the spiritual practice. Some knows Santa area. All of that drumming got my attention. The album is a fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary Cuban music. One ft In the past one of the right now, For example, this track check this out. This is aura yakking. No go. It's an Afro Cuban spin on meditation music. Check it out. Set your room under me. Coffee here now. Piano angry at all. Come on, man. Get in there for 19, ft 40 and in full Interesting. It's very unusual. Actually, It's interesting. Um, our listeners might not know that. Actually you say you're bringing Cuban music from me. But you are a drummer yourself. And so therefore this is actually for you that I am so busted. Yeah. Um, Who are we going to discover next? Okay, We're going to change the mood quite a bit. And we're going to go to Spain were very cool indie pop band with an interesting name. They're called Love of lesbian. I don't know why, but they have been performing in Spain for about 20 years, and they're quite a big deal. Their new album is called Bianca. Typical Masculine Allah. It's a very good introduction to their sound, their writing and just how diverse the music scene of Spain actually is. This track is called Cosmos, anti sistema Solar measuring Missile donuts. Yelling own tunnels and his politics that it will love few. The story. Love feel the God is the love romantic sell tourists into whatever sounds very Spanish epic. Oh, Arsalan Allah, which means epic voyage into nothing. Um, interesting. All right. We're on a journey here. Where are we going? Next? Okay, so I'm going to cheat a little bit. Okay. Well, this was supposed to be about discovery. I'm going to play oneness. Everybody knows what we can discover One is again. Okay? Yeah, but listen to this and see if you recognize this tune. Seen other See you will live. Ms And while I know with sagging Yeah, that's a really interesting sort of remix of the boss, right. Exactly. His new album is called Oregon..

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