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Number three, the Houston Astros coming into Tuesday, forty eight and twenty four is still rolling despite all the injuries, which is unbelievable, but Al to and Springer coming back soon, and then Korea will be back around the all star game. But still they're able to hold their own and continue. We talked about Alvarez. He's a guy that has been a masher and has helped him stick in the top three number two the New York, Yankees, forty three and twenty seven as of Tuesday. And now they're starting to get their big stars back. Stanton came back on Tuesday Gioja becoming back soon. They've been able to hold it together. And then they went out and added the AL leading home run hitter and Edwin Encarnacion to the lineup. Man that line of going to be unbelievable. When you think about it with void. The Yankees are the second best team in baseball number three, the Los Angeles Dodgers. They continue to win and role as of Tuesday. They were forty eight and twenty four the cubs were red hot when they came into L A to play the dodgers for a set and the dodgers were able to beat up on the cubs win some big games, they're pitching continues to be unbelievable as of Tuesday to dodgers rotation in its past forty games had an ER Ray of two point two seven two hundred fifty three strikeouts. Only thirty six walks and opposing teams Rony batting to ten I mean, are you kidding me? The dodgers oughta freak invest team in baseball Thank favor. you. It's time for trash talk Twitter with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball..

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