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Let's just put this out there. Maybe like an intro to. It's not like people say like, how did you guys kiss? So difficult. I love being the tallest bitch in the room. I've come and Tapping everybody on their mother. It's time. I'm always nervous though when they put it in the scalp that they're gonna find that soft spot that babies have and it's gonna go straight into my brain. Do you still think you have your softbox? Being a flake. Being act like my fault. Sorry about that, then. It's snowball. Look, he was high as doing this. Look forward. Slide into bed with us, starting right now. Welcome to nightly pop. I am afraid you guys to make any set of movements because I don't want to scare anyone away. I know. But the three of us are back together. Until I pop this baby out. All right, let's get started because the daily mail just did Tom hall and dirty after last night's Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere. We don't like it. They pointed out he's only 5 8 and had to wear heeled boots to match the whole point on the red carpet. Well, the couple recently addressed their height difference on SiriusXM's town hall. In far from home when MJ and Peter kiss. And Zendaya, you're taller than Tom. And it became this thing. And I thought that much more. Let's just put this out there. Maybe like an inch or two at us. It's not like people say like, how did you guys kiss? So difficult. It's a nice sweet moment between them. It is very sweet, yeah. You know? And I hate the often having to cheat it and pretend like why not put me on an Apple ball? What is it? I honestly never thought of it as a thing. Because my parents were always that way, so I didn't know that people cared. Until life, you know? But before that, I had no, I have no. Construct of it. Oh. Her mom is taller than her dad. Yeah. She grew up. She's a tall girl. And so she's just like, it's not a thing. How's who are you? I'm 5 ten. Are you? Yeah, yeah. You're like jit 5 ten. Yeah. The thing is, no one admits that they're 5, ten. They either say they're 6 foot or they admit their 5 time. And honestly, these days, like it does not matter to me, like the height difference doesn't matter. I mean, let's not get crazy, you know? Like 5 four might be too short for me. But like, I can do with the 5 7. I'm 5, 8 and a half, without heal. But so with heels, you know, I'm pretty tall. And I always have heels on. Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter if he was unbelievable and he was like an orthopedic surgeon or something. I don't know. Okay, interesting. Do it. I'm like, when I was younger, I was like, no, he has to be tall. He has to be, you know, a lot thick, he got to be able to, you know, but yeah, I'm like, hey, whatever. Whatever. The tallest girl I ever went on a date with was 6 foot. And she when she bent down to hug me. She. By the way, she was wearing the flattest flats I've ever seen in my entire life. I have a girlfriend who's taller than me. She's 5 9, and she will only wear a kitten heel. 5 9 is nice. Or flask. Because 5 9 without shoes. She's right. Which she hates towing over. And I love that. I eat that up. I love being the tallest bitch in the room. I've come and Tapping everybody on the mother. It's time. Yeah, embrace it. Like, who cares? Yeah, plus if a girl doesn't wear heels, what's she gonna step on my throat with? And Mariah Carey is telling Us Weekly she would love if there were no rules in her house because she wants to be the cool mom. They're so cute. They are very cute. But unfortunately, sometimes she has to be the bad guy. Would I mean come on? No rules. There's rules, not even for your children. I mean, you have rules just for yourself. For guests that come over for people that help you with things for people that work for you. There's always rules, right? For sure. There has to be. It has to be something that I should be living like hunter. You need a you know my house has a rules. My house is like, no, I don't know that. Yeah, you do. What? We'll see you back at your house, that I would know of. Like, we're to put your clothes away stuff like that. You are so ready to start with this. You are not doing this into the new year. We're not doing this in the new year. We're doing it right now. Okay. I don't think I'm going to be like the easygoing parent, but I am going to be the cool parent. If you and I were parents, you would definitely see together. Take the sexual get out of it. If we had a kid. So we'd have adopted it. Yes. We had a kid. You would be the pushover parent for sure. No. Because my kids would be like little fair console little bow ties walking around military style. Yes, mom, no, mom. Your ass would have them kids just floating around. They probably have little kites flying in the street. Even I'm middle, but at some point sometimes I'm just like, take the phone. Just tap on. Do you have to take fake iPads and stuff? Does she knows this bitch knows? She's not stupid. She knows it's not a lighten up the same way she terrifies me. But I did read that the more one on one time with no screens, it lessons temper tantrums. Are you kidding a pen with you? More than one time with your child without putting like iPhones or tablets in there is better for the kids? Yeah. I hate your life. All right, Cardi B is trying to de stress on the latest episode of cardi tries, but she may need more than a spiritual guru to help her relax. We're gonna do a colonic. What the hell is that? Ain't that one to put sign of your butt to check if you got cancer? It's an ear colonic. When you light up this thing, honey careful. Okay. Wait, this got fire? It does. Well, I see the fire. I see the fire. Is it something that you would try that you would do more regularly? Be careful. My hair is flammable. I got to thank God you love. I am not supposed to be at peace knowing that that fire in my face. I'm not ready. I don't like needles. I give you one, helping you anxiety. What is it doing for me? Helping you can't tell you of your peaceful. Did you feel? Amazing job, that's right. I've been like the acupuncture. Would either of you have either of you done an ear colonic in the past? I've never done that. I've done it several times. You have does feel very yes. And you can do it at home. You can buy this. With the flame. The flame, everything. I have to hit it with Jordan the first time we were dating. And I'm telling you, it does make you feel more open in your brain. Really? Yeah. It's kind of insane. It's gross stuff come out with kinda. Well, what you have to pull it out and then you cut open and then you get to see what's in there. Oh my gosh. The guy that's on the show, he, my friend had a birthday party and was like a holistic healing birthday party. He was there. Bougie Friends. Does she have like acupuncture for all her guests? That's pretty funny. That is. Wow. Wow, that's such a good idea. Yeah. Also bowls of pre rolls. It was the best ever. Oh my God. Yeah, just walking around. We're both pre rolls. That's my party. Have you ever done acupuncture? Never. I didn't do it at the party. You would love it. That's so nice. You guys tell me I.

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