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You do all the ambient background sounds as well that was amazing throat. Wow. That's great. Well, this part of the yellow trail. We did not see the the way that didn't work the pine warbler did not show up. No, no. I mean, I just started walking right away because I saw bird takeoff looking kind of humiliated, and I think it's because you sounded like the dominant alpha male in this area and lewd out, I'm so that's it. So we're going to go to the Kent lake because we've spent another what four minutes on this trail, and you know, you can't give these trails all day Kenya. Heck, no, Berge. There's birds if there's not there's not, and plus, you know, there's been this cardinal singing. Oh, we're walking shot up. The bird cardinal cash. And so at kit mouse was seeing I had I gotta stick and chase that thing off because I want to hear birds. I I don't want to hear cardinal and I wanted to hear birds. That's what I'm here for. Yeah. So we're going to take you to Kent lake, and I hope we have time to get into our other features fermentation Karner we haven't gotten into that yet. I'm looking forward to that. And I have a birding story. I just have to tell even if we go ten minutes over I have to tell the birding story ten minutes long story itself. No. But we might still go ten minutes over because. Oh, there's that was that you Bill or was that the bird? We thought was was the bird. I remember doing that. Yeah. But sometimes I've noticed if you get if you get a lozenge. Stuck in your windpipe? You tend to do a pine warbler? Are we lost? So we're going to get in the car and buzz over Kent lake because that's still technically part of island lake state recreation area, and we hope you are enjoying this birding day is money as we are. Yeah, we're doing great. Yeah. We're doing great. But the sun is out now. Yeah. The whole sky is blue it's beautiful. And so are you? Dear burgers, won't you? Join us today. Wow. We'll be back..

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