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With the raising of the pride flag at city hall. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall riots in New York ralliers used Brits to commemorate the riots, which ignited the LGBTQ movement in the rest of the country, champions and activists gave powerful speeches about how far LGBTQ rights have come and how much work still needs to be done. Mayor Jenny durken warmer rainbow chunks and shared her personal story about being an oath. Openly gay public figure with a partner and Tucson's the entire time we serve my kids could be on my health insurance. But my partner couldn't because it was prohibited under federal law. And so, I think we can't forget the gains that we have made. But it's sometimes hard to remember that because they're still so much left to do all kinds of pride events the rest of June and the big event is the pride parade, which is going to be June thirtieth. Komo's Tammy matassa bellevue's chief of police lives in Monroe Redmond chief of police has moved his family to granite falls. Komo is Corwin Hake tells us why this situation on the east side should no longer be tolerated. Increasingly the cops teachers nurses, and other moderate earners, who make a city like Bellevue, a real community can no longer afford to live where they work, we have a housing stock that is growing slower than our job market. Former Governor Chris Gregoire tells a breakfast audience about the police chiefs who can't find an affordable house in the cities. They serve. Then she brings it even closer to home mobile utility, that utility has one hundred per sponsors, how many of those first responders live within ninety minutes of their service area three three. So when you're white still out,.

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