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Is not this week. It's the following week so despite s- on week six ballot Sneak this in real quick rate for below mohammed Yaroslava alma soft defeated douglas. Lima is now their new welterweight. Champion any thoughts on that fight. pretty dominant rinse and repeat every around the house. A fight that. Douglas lima Not just let the ballatore crowd know who he is a Since the world If he's had a strange career. You know because i feel like he could battle of just about anyone but there are times where riders come along. And do this to him in this case. Ma'am i don't know that we've heard such good stuff about the wrestling At american top team. I mean it. Didn't it didn't leave saying hey wins at immediate rematch or anything like that. It was just a dominant performance. Lima's a really good fighter but he just had no answers i. i'm lima. Spent taking another fight engines working on my rowsley nonstop for the rest of twenty twenty one. But i am booking another and then Digging around alcohol Won the title three times. He's also won a grand prix Highly doubtable there. I think he can have a say. You know maybe what he thinks he might. He might work and might not work. Hang on goes me. Answer below row fast allen difficulties okay But yeah you know. Ballatore really stood out from. That card was aaron. Biko and it's so difficult to evaluate that situation with aaron pico. He would phenomenal me. He just look like a video game out there at some. At some point in that fight he was getting a steak down. He was getting a strikes. That's never really been an issue of getting an airman pico. That you felt like didn't put time into a training camp burning. You always get an honest there. Beagle is just whether or not he can hold up in the fight. Make mistakes either fantastic. The question is what you do. Now where do you go from now. I mean it's so difficult that aden would not go away. Man he kinda was a little bit of a tyler. Diamond himself He wasn't unconscious. Tyler diamond was were appear to be at times but he would not go like pico. Kept taking them down and beating them up. But if i'm bellcore. I'm shaking as saying. Hey great performance wasn't your night. But i can't wait to you again. It made me remember him. That's for sure. And shot up the james jackson who defeated paul daley. He had to resort to some wrestling to get that fight the when they all daily among thinking semtex explosion knockout With that guy sometimes get it but sometimes you also get someone that wants. No part of that Away to win but it seems like they're palley. Oh no hard feelings Daily didn't say it was his last one Much like maya saying so. It looks like we may still see them. Compete in the future. Speaking damian meyer. We have his opponent from saturday night..

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