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Are you after your first visit to us? You didn't run away and not come back. You came back I felt my head getting larger with facts and knowledge and I thought let's do this again and. Your head will not sit on the screen. And we'll never right thing. Measurement. I saw is a stand up comedian, and if I remember correctly, you wrote a book called how to make white people laugh indeed that's a crazy title. Crazy. I would like a comet to be named after my book. And also you host podcast fake, the nation that's. Yeah. These are very very. These are terms he's got. You got to pick up that book. Listen to that because you want to know what the hell. Where are you coming from? y'All enjoy them they'll they're they're fun but they have like you know just a lot less science, but you'll still love them. And you you write this not as a white person. You write this as a Middle Eastern heritage person that's right. I'M GONNA running. American. Muslim. You can probably tell from my voice I was GONNA pick it out. So easy to tell on podcast. So. Delighted. To have your back and we have a friend of start talking Natalie starkey Natalie welcome back. Yeah. You're you're our comet expert and you're you're dialing in or or zooming in from Cambridge, share the. In England? Very cool. Well, welcome and many people don't know that You wrote our most recent space show at the Hayden Planetarium with features. Planet says objects and Planets as astronomical targets of interest. So just thanks thanks for coming in to do that I just want. To visit as well because how could I resist if? Things on a sales. In this. Exactly exactly. So when the planetarium back up, maybe you come back and visit. Way. Give listeners a little bit of insight about the two of you. The Green Room Chitchat before we started recording was about helium later. Stuff. That is what I mean. So if you think they're talking about like you know Kinda West or something before we start recording. No, they're talking about helium before we start recording your. So everyone's clear. These people are talking about it all day long. US for this hour naturally starting a colleague and who's the professor at the is at the Open University. Actually. Public engagement officer. Now. Officer. Yeah I. I see somebody doing a lot of physics public engagement 'cause I discovered doing the Lauren free says actually just love talking about science. Okay well, excellent. Excellent and you've got book and you've got videos and so you're out there you're trying to do what we're trying to do so we. Know that's fine. I'll go to the Bahamas you take my place. How about that? All right. So your expertise, I'm intrigued because your expertise in the solar system grew up out of your expertise thinking about as a planet and as as a geological object. So gives you a different kind of angle into what comments are than an astronomer would have. So by any. I saw Jill logistical always been fascinated by volcanoes. That was what got me into science, and then what I discovered from that is doing chemistry rocks and then it just grew from there and my kitschy was looking at understanding the Earth Planet how he formed four and a half years ago how it evolved since then and Stepped when I saw their heist, which is the research additionally had my PhD. It was looking at Komen asteroids wasn't doing the same kind of chemistry on them, but it was just the can't space rooks instead only goodness. That's cool. I didn't know anything about space roads, but I'm going to jump in and give it a go and just not let backside. Absolutely. Love it. I don't mean to be biased, but space is cooler than geology. Each. Space. You you gotta be careful because I hear geologists can be very violent so you might get some attacks after this. Like, actual rocks that they can touch, you can't touch your rocks Neil. Lords embrace these rocks and I've actually hit my Shin with my armie hammer before by actually missed the it was so painful. Gene, if she can do that to herself. Imagine what she can do. I noticed a hint of violence and you. So, Natalie. You still have your eyebrows. So whatever level volcanoes you had, you didn't get too far into him. I. I've never seen like an actual eruption been on an active volcano many times just an volcano and Caribbean works and you can actually hear the thing roaring. You'll standing next to it only gases escaping from his APPs to amaze neither do that for as she went to one and actually come to understand its temperature in liquid and detailed measure gases but they just fascinates for canines and so we've got volcanoes in the solar system that replaces other than earth. So it's cool to have you. Helping us about those. Coming up next year is all about space volcanoes. So so I've written. Yeah. My second, just finished cyrus going to be a while to comes out and it's about all of Aquinas in the solar system made an ice all made of rock ice volcanoes. That's right. SPEWING CHUNKS OF ICE. We think of all canines as hot objects, but it's really just as objects with there's a lot of pressure. Affair where The only makes the coolest self down but if that thing is already cold and it just has to be a little bit warmer inside on a bit colder outside that he wanted to. Hate. By the way can I say that space volcano is how I described an ex boyfriend who was both a pothead and had a temper so I actually realized it was a real thing. So I'm learning a lot. Tempers. Remark. Assault. That was weird about him. So Nagin, did you collect questions for us for this cosmic query? Did there's so many great questions. Head right in. Let's head right in with. Philip. Lions from Patriot he asks. I because. I because they really support I understand that combat neo is was recently discovered in March given how long its orbital period is around the sun how can we be sure that it originated in our solar system? Natalie is. kind of nervous Jim Coles Macquarie's because it sounds like an exotic. What are they going to? Say Hey say something about comments is mentally Peaking at your palm. All Right Natalie you have about thirty seconds to answer this question. Right. sakonnet. Get out fast case really hard to see the system. So when the Was the system and that's the only time. We can really see them in any detail. We're quantify how small a small. About five kilometers across. Three miles. If you're an old as say not huge if we can't that from the earth and it's really far away, we're not going to see very easily and now most of the time come really far they live in the far out beach science system pasta orbits the planet and they live in. So Michael The quaker bell and then even further out this kind of theoretical region cooled the all cloud. And so there's Billions of them, and sometimes they get versus the NFL system to bring them closer to the sun, which is what happened with Nia. Wise. Now, it comes in and she was on a different orbital period to start with, but it's attraction with a son changed his very. So it got longer I. Think it's going from around four thousand news to around six thousand years to get. Around the sun and all the way back again. So it's a very long period. Comment is what we say and this tells us that it came from very far away because if it had come from the to us, it wouldn't take silence to go around the sun and so he wets how does little over to cure it and we know it's not coming back for quite sometime..

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