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You don't even question it and again what if this were a family number you know let's say dusted they nns it they that's the thing there that day that goes to make in is that abou logical principle but that emotional draw and pull what if it was i don't like it when they do black people do a black people at that that that makes everybody get emotional so everybody can give them their fill is no no no no no logically speaking logically staying logically speaking how do you know how many of them are justified if you don't even check you don't even query i mean i'm saying if it were a family member you wouldn't want the response to be statistically speaking by an now okay shot and i and i i completely honest there were like are saying but what i'm saying is i don't wanna live in a police state where that happens at all so it doesn't matter if is mm i feel like daniel shaver is my family i'll needed to be one of my family to say that this is not how it should be you know what i'm saying like at idaho as that about race and this is what i was telling you when i was telling you about what black people were going through is not a bowel race what's a mere rice is day a a a bb gun he is dead the don't in all my guy guys south carolina where all i was even prepared said i don't have everybody's name on the tip of my tongue but khalif browder he is day like do you understand these these people are.

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