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I want to. it can take. on the next big. and I just don't. down. six ninety six have an email of interest. it's so we did we did a good thing well that never happened I think we did we are horrible people that never have anyone this is most people in this building. mostly in this building all right well. this is from our friend Christopher Gibson. Gibson you'll remember well last week I believe it was the service center what was it was a thing of the Moscow yeah was a thing that must go the nurse she couldn't find a job as a nurse okay I remember the hard time. hello hello I just wanted to send an absolute elated all the must go magic has worked and I am a satisfied customer. I just accepted a job offer here in Logan where where I currently live and where I studied in where I got my B. as in. something something nurse bachelors Bucks alliances okay from Utah State University and I now am officially. and our nurse resident race can gradually I also wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who reached out to me all through you guys please make sure they know that they are appreciated by me but I have to take this position here because it's close to home for the sake of me in my little family I will be beginning my residency in October and especially that I was hoping I could practice surgery one.

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