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All right fitness health and food segment is brought to you by active five and i am as thrush against joining me in studio we'll talk a little food is well because he's a food expertise results with screenwriter guy you have a new feature film that you're gonna be directing that you wrote that sir coming up here in just a little travis romero is joining mian studio high travis high so we what's this new movie you're making it's called amateurs and it's it's drama it's a bit of a bit of a action of but mostly just drama and yeah it's it's about it's about a girl who comes from ohio young girl she comes to la and she gets caught up up kind of in in the party lifestyle and these kind of go back from their it's cautionary tale there you because they're on at an interesting i can't wait to see this again wait to hear more as it is you get closer making in thicky you in the name of the company has dissident films that you're correct dissident films cool so and we do we know there's a piece of work and i note alan how much reinterprets on your i am db page travis okay you cocreated and wrote on whitecollar absolutely okay good yeah yeah yeah i got so you guys never really has whitecollar chris you know matt yes from my caller you actually tinu interview him i've interviewed him and he used to be like a huge part of my mom's bakery when she had bakery what the kid than it has banned all the time to the kids were gluten free in began and are you kidding i did not know that connection there luckily he's a he's the nicest guy you ever want to you ever wanted me very cool you know it's funny when matt boehmer was auditioning for whitecollar the heat one of my good friends was also auditioning for a partner guide anger paul for her work with eric belfour's six feet under and all kinds of south you'd recognize them and it came down to those two guys is and i was of.

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