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Albion. And they're from Brighton England. Burnley, whose nickname is the clarets, and they're from Burnley Lancashire. Such a British name. Yeah, I know I love it. Chelsea, of course, their nickname is the blues and they're from West London. You have Crystal Palace who's the eagles. They're also from London. Lots of these teams are in London. Their nickname are the toffees, or also sometimes the blues, and they're from Liverpool. Leads united, their nickname is the whites, and they are from Leeds west Yorkshire. And their team anthem, they're known well that their anthem is marching on together is this their team anthem. Everybody just rallies around it. Lester city, their name is the foxes and they're from luster east Midlands. Liverpool, whose nicknames are the reds, so they are also obviously from Liverpool and their anthem as we talked about in the quiz during the John Waters episode is you'll never walk alone. And that song comes from the 1945 Rogers and Hammerstein musical carousel. So the West Ham anthem, which we'll talk about in a second, that is from some just random song from the 1920s that got picked up. But the fact that they took song from the from the musical and turned it into the anthem for like literally one of the most powerful sporting teams in the entire world is blows my mind. That's like that's like if that is like if the Patriots took on that rent song about the minutes. 525,600 yeah. Everyone was like, yeah. Yeah, yeah. People were ripping their shirts off and yeah, so do you. But their boss and accents just like,.

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