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We're like, fuck. Mine was the tipping point. It wasn't the eleven hundred before mine because we had already. We had all these plans. We have the first record, I think schedule. Yeah. And then we get hit with this with with the big dog which is why I didn't go. Yes. Every podcast to other people saw your podcasts said, fuck. All right, let's do it anyway to other people. See that one have noticed that then I go like, oh, I think I have other friends who have NBA podcast. I wasn't even aware I have to. So I also like felt this like, do I do this? I don't like talking about anything else, but at the same time, if feel bad because somebody like literally two of my friends have bucket was JJ Riddick mad when you started yours. JJ was fine with it. He was fine with it. It was CJ and AJ that we're in to pleased CJ miles. That's right in AJ Burnett. But I think it's a baseball, but you guys have anything in addition to those two, that's it right now. Right? There's year we do a Hollywood handbook. We also do Hollywood handbook the pro version which is Stitcher premium and that as behind a paywall, if anybody wants to just pay for everything individually has called Hollywood masterclass with Ben Rogers, and I do show about politics. LA LA. Five cast. Yeah, that's where I get my newest fun. Yeah, you were. How did you immerse yourself into Los Angeles so much that you're like? I can start a show about this just been into it for a really long time, and I always wanted to show like that where I could keep up with stuff that is kind of like welcoming people into it and not just like mentioning names that you don't know like a seeming, you know they used to be one called which way LA those really boring, but at least it was on every day for like a half hour that you could kind of catch up with is LA podcast comedy podcast or. No, I definitely not compared to like other comedy it. We try to be like a little lighter and friendlier funnier. It's funnier than the average local. Just by accident has to be a little funny. I'm impressed sometimes at how funny it is because just having someone who recognizes how absurd, what the local politics things they're talking about our where you'll, you'll just be like. So this guy for anyone who doesn't know only hangs out white supremacy. And here's some of the other people that he's been known to associate with just like, tell stories about those figures and you go, oh, it's fucking insanity, like everyone in this tire round just out of their mind..

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