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And there's is there. But it's is it open. It's open. Okay. Yeah, that that could go. I didn't know that. That's probably that's not essential the moldy. There's an open chewy, dip as well and other chewy dip. It's got a bite out of it. That's not mine. I don't know who's that? That's another thing I left yesterday, and I'm going to argue that some of that mess is not even mine because I've noticed that when I leave or even when I don't leave, people just start piling their own crap there. And then he gets put on me because they know that I've got an offend any box of rice. Crispy began to that had six on it before I left. And I said, nobody my Rice Krispies is that really empty that better not be empty. You guys ate all my rice. Crispy, I said, don't eat those rights. Didn't even have one. Oh, did you look at ROY? Look. Rice Krispies. You guys aim, I Rice Krispies. Believable, asked a security guard. I honestly didn't have any of them. You know what happens? I'm just going to say this every time Allison leaves minutes after she leaves. ROY goes there and he snacks over there and then you starts eating her food. He does so ROY. You're the Cobra I eat you, right? So upset, crispy, ROY things. Every food in this studio is communal. I can't believe you guys eight. I had one of those Rice Krispies and I left it there. And then what are you blabbermouth said, oh, what do you have Rice Krispies? And they're now they're going to eat the Rice Krispies because it had a secret stash their, you ate all my rice, crispy. This is unbelievable. You can't even keep secrets. Well, nice, secret stash. It was a secret, but one of them side, the blabbermouth told the whole riveting. Clearly it wasn't a secret was on open than had six in it, and now it's empty because there's a blabbermouth amongst us, Bruce. Call Disney global security like Stu gods, Olen sandwich. I wish you could have varied that that was so fun does my favorite. That's one of the few things that we aren't able to hear that. I really wish because I have a show secret am I allowed to tell this show secret? Am I into deep day you mind? If I say the show secret, say, can even hear me. I don't think you can hear me. He took his headphones off. Hold on a second. He's walking back to the microphone. Dan Le Batard put down his coffee. He's sitting on my chair. Really? You're the first one to use the word blabbermouth since Ralph kramden and the honeymooners. I know I did that. Yeah, I guess so the stugatz call to global security that we didn't air is not one of the only things that we've recorded that we could near. We in the height of what was her name. The none that's got was always gene. Sisters got in contact with sister. Jeanne had a call with sister gene, and we couldn't air it. I was, but just know that he talked to sister Jean for like a nice twenty minutes as bad as I've ever felt all my guy, it was the worst. It was the worst profanity laced interview that's way. Billy was your experience like in New Jersey with Lorenzo man? Lorenzo's something. He's so nice. He means well, but he's he's so much..

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