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It's like you get on a real boat and go out into the harbor and the the jaws from the movie comes out of the water. But I'm not sure about all this the guy working there says, oh, this is nothing. It's it's okay. She won't have any problem with she's two and a half. So she goes on the ride the shark comes out, and she has been petrified of sharks ever since. She's twenty eight years old. She can't go to an aquarium. She can't watch a movie with in it. So be careful anyone who's got a young child. Do not make the worst mistake you can make with your child. Like, I. Did and listened to the guy said don't worry won't affect her. It's was twenty six years ago, and she's still terrified. That's unbelievable. And I know is apparent that. That's guilt that just stays with you on nausea chew. And you question your decision on that Mike Scheldt in watching? He and the cardinals the end of that game. Tim last night. Our crew did a great job at capturing the image of in the ninth inning is the cardinals and the verge of being swept and seeing his face and the face appalled. The young is the two of them are talking and looking at the face of the players in the cardinals dugout. I gotta tell ya. Not many times I've seen a team get their butt whipped. And and my thought was still you know, what they're fine. This team is in a great place. These players love playing together. They absolutely love. Mike Scheldt from player to player to player. They talk about how genuine he is how much they feel like that. He's on their side. I hear these great stories about this coaching staff with a lot of guys who never played in the big leagues in how hard they work. And Mike, she'll seems to be a person of such integrity and sincerity that the players just believe in him. And look there are thousands stories. I could give you this is one that I thought was really cool. You probably have heard it. George Kissel of courses, the godfather baseball in the corridors organization he passed away in two thousand eight he joined the cardinals organization in nineteen forty in four years after George passed away, his son gave Mike Shilton a book of notes that his father had accumulated and his Mike told us this yesterday. He said, you know, I still get goosebumps thinking about this. He has it on his desk. And he looks at it all the time. And he looks at it when he wants reminders of things basics about fundamentals, and I think the players really responded that even killed nature which really came out and dug out at the end of that three sweep did you see that? Yes. I did BUSTER. And I also saw the cardinals last week in Washington before they lost four games in a row. But hardly the point. You're right. There is such a good feel about that team. And maybe it has to do with Andrew Miller and even more so of. Course with Paul Goldschmidt. But it's also the coaching staff and the manager when I went in that, Dan, I accidentally walked in early and the managers and coaches were sitting around having a meeting there were ten of them. It seemed like sitting not even on chairs just sitting on the ground going over some stuff for the game that night with Mike shelter in the middle. And it was like he was a teacher, and they were going over the lesson plan for the day. And that's precisely what it was. But instead of being completely sabre metric, and we have to hammer these numbers into these guys. They have such a nice touch with the players on that team. And let's face it BUSTER. That's what managing is about. Now. It's about the touch and feel that you have with the players. What's the best to get the best out of this guy tonight and Mike chilled has that? And so does that coaching staff led by Mike Maddux? Of course who so good at this. So I have no doubt the cardinals will pull out of this. Which they will. I have no doubt the cardinals the brewers and the cubs will be in this for the entire season. And I wouldn't be shocked of all three of them made the playoffs..

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