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The story is that. Mary could be seen as a full operation in one of the bedrooms than walking down the stairs wearing white or else heard weeping around the area of the status legend also states the term execution estate the talbot the night before carrying out his ghastly duty and that he dined hartley on pigeon pie. One paranormal investigation team visited the site in two thousand eleven and recorded some slight light normalize which is slightly different for the normal duster in sectors which digital cameras routinely pick up. There was nothing within their investigation to either confirm or deny the presence of mary. Queen of scots out next location is tariff london. Which of course needs no introduction. It has many within its ancient walls but the one we are interested in is the cyclical one which one source claimed can be seen as a white shape fishing around the tower on the twelfth of february every year twelfth of february is the day that lady jane grey was beheaded in fifteen fifty four and seventeen years old. She spent just nine days as the queen of england before being deposed by queen. Mary likes to be known as bloody mary. Lady jane grey and a husband guilford dudley one president in the towel by the new queen and a few short months later lady jane had to watch her husband being led off to his execution before suffering the same fate herself. It seems quite possible it would be her goes to the attracted to that particular date and finally finally reversed rico's today. Although anymore for february in the book i thought we pop scotland and take a look at the tragedy of glencoe. Glencoe lies a few miles south of fort. William and ben nevis in the scottish highlands. It's a lonely windswept. Place immense natural beauty and is illustrated cover photo for almanac in august. Sixteen ninety one king. William the third of england declared that all the highland chiefs had to swear their loyalty to him by the thirty first of january sixteen. Ninety two or else suffer the consequences the donald clam of co under the leader. Alastair were late signing declaration by a couple of days and the english king decided to make an example of from foreign troops were dispatched from fort william and they better to themselves on the clam who forced to house and feed them and treat them with hospitality for ram two weeks in those days. The forceful active of billeting troops was heinous expensive and was probably designed to deliberately reduce the grain. Food stores of the clan and of course is disposable wealth whilst at the same time saving the kings of money and paying for his army on february twelfth the king heavies emerson right to the captain and the which gave the signal to attack on february. Thirteenth is chilling. Even four hundred years like turn. it's cold hearted. Wording it said you are hereby order to fall upon the rebels the macdonalds of glencoe and put all to the sword under seventy. You ought to have a special care that the old fox news sons do upon no account escape your hands. You ought to skill all the avenues. That no ma'am escape this. You ought to put into execution at five o'clock precisely and by that time will very shortly after it. I'll strive to be at you with a stronger party. If i do not come to you at five. You will not tarry for a to fall on. This is by the king special command for.

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