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Dot Alpha numerically. It is numeric numbers so three two one we're number two eight beats five by five. I know what I'm on my third over two one two seven eight that is three two one two eight five five five June. That's our phone number. That's our phone number. Listen to our show. We would like five breaker apple music suited. Wasn't that a lot less boring than all the other ones that you've ever heard before. That was really confused idea. Listen to the show where to find the show where to email the show. I don't even know what the phone number is to the show by the way the phone number when you call it or go to voicemail just leave of a message and you can also text that number as well if you're too chicken to call hi Lou to you uh-huh well. That's a wrap on Lucille Ball. I'm Christopher Devos. I'm Sabrina Pierre Jail Truce by catchy on the flippity flop. Stay fresh cheese bags. I love you guys. I your your fun and thank all celebrity. Voices had been impersonated quarreling. All conversations may or may not be one hundred percent accurate correct as well. We have attempted to provide you with the facts as best to our knowledge with the help of the case of fear some old man that tells stories down by the river wikipedia -pedia an old homemade youtube documentaries do not use any hosting this show to write a book report with you will get a bad grade a really really really bad grave just like all of our hosts did when they were in school music was provided directly you can find more of his at Kramer Dot com berm. This has been a podcast forty. Two production lose weight be in me. It was a podcast fix more shows like it. I ought to fix network dot and your next door neighbor and best friend Vivian Dan Band.

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