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Company affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations zeal vaclav video games toddler area and my predecessor figures pilot mascot all the fatty justified inside the kuwait the of the mandate no caffeine fenner fatty artist at the great play presented by greek out sick getmyperkscom flash new orleans now more double coverage sports and more on wwl call 5042601870 text 870870 or tweet at seth dunlap court at christian garrick eligible tuesday coming up next hour the guy jody smith pele tilt through tuesday barred from coach oh so we know that sound where he is till tuesday by poor impersonation that was really good that was pretty good but here's the deal wherever you want whatever you will ask will answer coming up at the bottom of this hour jody smith at nine thirty one talking a little fantasy football in the meantime i know joe in mandeville what's going on joe you're on wwl well well well it in my favorite he he homer god oh my goodness i recognize that leave voice anywhere texas joe from mandeville area my friend hey joe before you started how is that house texas feeling about winning a swimming national championship you guys still pretty high on that far better in lsu not winning any you're there well hey by the roggio are i produce the the last gave for charlie strong on thanksgiving day this past season in austin ondoua fox games with tim brando and so a so are you believing in the new era with tom harmon over there in austin texas yeah yeah yeah did you see the press conference i was part of it i know he ought better now look he commands a room now he commands a room and i think that's and vitally important we have a head coach major university like that'll be football programme he commands that attention and that's the first thing you look for kenny bse yoka kinda guy but anyway go ahead joe who questioned her scottie buoyed the poor run the risk of getting ban by christians were making a factual statement about a debate all its all factual kamado joe just let let before we get to this catch you admit that you were a lot offbase man i mean like you had you had a.

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