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Bigger one. He's not a free agent until 2023 A matter of fact, Nikolay Yokich got paid. Jamal Murray is going to get paid at the conclusion of the season starting next year. This is what Nikolay Yokich had to say about Jamal Murray. His play and how important he is. I really truly believe that he's he's Ah, he's a superstar, and he's a really big part of this team. So he carry us today and Bunch of nights, So I'm really glad that he is my teammate. Yeah, well like I I think they got a whole lot more years of being teammates to come. Jamal Murray is 23. Years old. Jamal Murray. I will repeat it again to you. He is 23 years old. This man is going to get Ah $170 million coming his way over the next five years. Nikola Yokich is 25 years old. Okay? The Denver Nuggets aren't going No. Damn where If you want to think about age if you want to think about talent, and you want to really think about the fact that I don't want a case of Jamal Murray. I believe he can be better than what he is. If Nikola Yokich Khun main, saying his conditioning, I think the Denver Nuggets will be alone around for a long time. And I think that the Nuggets are more than likely to not have more staying power than maybe the team that they're facing off against right now with the Los Angeles Lakers. We know LeBron James went to L. A. This is his second year of his contract last year was basically a watches. He was gone with his his groin injury. LeBron James's is 35 years old and a couple of months in December. He's going to turn 36. The reality is LeBron can leave after next season. But why would he He's going to get paid $41 million. Maybe he feels that he can go ahead and start netting, you know? Ah, two years, you and maybe get 45. I have no idea. We have to see what the salary cap looks like. But obviously the Lakers in their immediate future. Over the next I'd say 2 to 5 years. Ah, lot of it is tied to. Obviously they're two superstars. You have LeBron James and you have Anthony Davis. At least in a case of LeBron, you know? At minimum. Minimum. You're going to get another year of LeBron. More than likely. Ah, you're probably going to get LeBron for $41 million in the last year of his contract. Let's see. Maybe he decides to re negotiate. That's been LeBron's M O. It's not like LeBron is is hurting for money. This is someone who's on his way to being a billionaire. And then you have Anthony Davis, the other superstar. Obviously ending His five year $127 million contract. That he saw on with the pelicans. He can opt out and be a free agent this year. And why wouldn't you? He could make $28 million next year. He consigned infer that, but if you can say Hey, give me 30 million over the next, you know, five years. Why wouldn't Anthony Davis do that? And we know how important Anthony Davis is to the squad. I told you every team. We've now moved from trios into duos, and Frank Vogel, head coach of the Lakers. He knows how important LeBron and 80 Arts of the future and now The combo of of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is just You know, the one I was not going to the other one is when they're both going at the same time. You know, we're we're near.

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