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Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indra Mishra discussed on Strange News Daily


Indian authorities claim the recently captured a spy from the neighboring country of Pakistan. Only this spy wasn't exactly a James Bond figure instead. It's a pigeon. Yes pigeon as in a bird, the pigeon was captured along the international border in the CA- through a district of Jammu and Kashmir. It was originally suspected to have been trained by Pakistan couvert. MESSENGER or spy. Local officials, said the pigeon, which was carrying a coded message, was captured by residents of Montgomery village in the Horon Iger sector there soon after it flew into the Indian side of the border from Pakistan security agencies were concerned, and they're working together to decipher this coded message. According to Senior Superintendent of Police of Kathua Shall Indra Mishra. The villagers handed over the pigeon to the local police station yesterday a ring was seen attached to one of its legs with some numbers on it and approve was on the pigeon as well while this might sound unusual or even silly. Human beings have had a long history of training animals to work in military applications. A Pakistani villager identified as Habibullah came forward to claim ownership of the alleged feathered spy and spoke to a Pakistani newspaper called Don. In this speech, the villager appeal to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return the bird to him, saying it was a symbol of peace and not a spy. We should also note the Die Markings and the ring attached to the bird's leg are common signs of ownership there ways for bird keeper to identify their individual pigeons. Just a few days ago, Indian police decided the bird was in fact, a civilian Schillinger. Mishra said the pigeon was set free after nothing suspicious was found Mishra rejected allegations that the numbers inscribed on the ring on the pigeon's leg. Were codes meant for? Groups operating in the Kashmir region. The villager. Near the Kashmir border and this border is one of the most militarized zones in the world. This villager said the bird had participated in a pigeon racing contest, and the digits on the bird's leg were in fact, his mobile phone number. Pigeon racing is actually pretty popular in border villages, and some of these races are held in India as well as Pakistan. It's not unusual to lose a bird on either side. Owners identify their birds with died stamps on their wings or paint or rings on the feet. This is also not the first time in Avian got caught up in the world of Indian Pakistani relations in two thousand sixteen. A pigeon was taken into custody after it was found with a note threatening. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Our.

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