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The sea so finish the center give them a grand please now mark okay Mauricio two categories you pick one do you want to do fun with food or your money matters good money money matters money matters all right first question have you looked at San Francisco real estate yet I dated an hour of a little story about is right so what did not doing our world will still have that are it's still so at this point I know you're not here yet you're years old about our our our use your San Francisco homeless at this point I'm so far yeah both forms of the homeless all right I I I have a feeling after saying this on the radio you're gonna have a lot of offers for an extra room so just let me know if you if you need help next month I got it all right how much money did you make that your very first job now that's funny because my very first job was rookie ball that was your first paying job our my first paying job right there and and what did they pay it rookie ball at that time who not very good right so was this in Sacramento now it now now it's been UCL's images Eldoret talk about all okay and then did you just get like a monthly stipend or something your available is the monthly fifteen every fifteen days salary a look of all a lot different now yeah a little bit different okay all right last one of the most expensive pair of shoes you currently own because what are there will be I think will be a a guy myself again we're here for after a season I got up there Gucci shoes yeah all bad battle about and and her trust me you my my fiance government mania about get and then you like but they heard I'm I'm I I'm cheap I'm just a lot better come on come on it's okay I I splurged on some products one time spell it how much do these duties go for what where they it was it was six hundred on the you see that did not feel good did you say it but I had to live dates excellent day I'll try to wear every day is the thing thank six on that other my wallet Hey man that's why we stayed at Disneyland for fourteen hours yesterday because we're like there were getting our money's worth yeah the lovely Lauren walked the walk five miles it's time to go there exactly right I took a family of five believe me I spent more Disneyland yesterday that you did all those good teachers yeah I believe yeah exactly Hey Marie so fantastic always great to talk to you can't wait to see out of the yard thank you thank you thank you behind me and I was and I appreciate it of course Mauricio do bond already one of our favorites joining us okay coupled fall still ahead on a hot stove eight oh eight K. BR if you'd like to weigh in I have to confess I almost forgot until Danny reminded me about choose your fate today so I didn't post anything until about twenty minutes ago and we're already down to about two minutes left but it's a close vote so get on over got a few minutes left on my Twitter feed if you want to do the late choose your fate at eight warriors ratings Disney coastal rankings favorite here one moments or Astros good for baseball question mark those are the options putting your votes we'll talk about that coming up in a few on the sports later hot stove league your exclusive home of the San Francisco Giants KNBR one oh four five nine six eighty impact.

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