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You know yep yep yep building it wasn't it was not in possibly could do to make myself uh feel better with jade idea bring you back so um some caffeine choose the north it has real stuff in it though what 'cause i know at caffeine shoes astakhov memorial day because uh that he the kola really has coke in it and that allowed worked entity in a tea leaves half coke in it so they wouldn't let me bring any of that stuff pat i didn't need any of that dom just tell get at me after the show though anyway time yes amir missed i missed you guys you turn up a little yeah yeah tom don't try to talk through button tom you had a question on the hotline this is on the truly away who on okay let's here just a quick one listener can we get tom christina boston over just one time one time you ever try this is going to be another what has he done did editor i came do it i played all the time i can't remember with the frequent thing is the move the of them like away now i was just bus do the girl from apm do nonetheless this anybody not i love both theme the la no no no room nobody knows a sick from union after at yes you never learn the second line of that is the number of santa claus then you'll live.

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