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Education secretary betsy devos was interviewed by leslie stahl on sixty minutes and among the interview questions they dealt into the issue of school choice something that betsy devos has received a great number of criticism or critics something that betsy devos has been criticized by a great number of people now the interview was a disaster and even a white house members of the white house spoke out about how they didn't love her performance because she was ill prepared but before we get to the heart of the discussion regarding school choice let's go to the one question and answer portion that i thought was amazing given the fact that she is the education secretary take a look have you seen the really bad schools maybe try to figure out what what they're doing i have not i have not i've not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming maybe you should maybe i should yes now i might have unintentionally visited those schools that was an accident but i mean i didn't wanna intentionally visit any poor people you know i'm a billionaire that would be unbecoming she's the education secretary and she goes off about how our public schools are failing and we need to fix them and her solution is to take tax payer money out of public schools and funnel them into either private schools in the form of vouchers or charter schools which is what the heart of this discussion is about she thinks if she says anything with a smile on her face that is going to work and.

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