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Rick till eight two hundred chicken wings at your mama's house last night now back to fat boy. Look back to sports byline. Usa coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network. It's great to welcome back to the show. Richard grisham is a video game developer. And he's here to talk about the brand new this week out of the park baseball twenty two just in time for opening day richard. Welcome back to the show as with any game that is You know every each and every year an annual game. You look for new quirks and additions improvements. So what are we going to see different this time. Well the number one thing and thank you for having me on. I appreciate it. The number one thing is every single team. Every major league baseball team has a brand new beautiful. Three d stadium so We have rebuilt all of the stadiums from the ground up. And we're really excited about it. It's a huge upgrade from the past. So that that's that's the first thing that people will certainly notice You longtime fans also be really excited about a whole new set of poaching. Updates that we've done that. Give your coaching staff. The lot more ability influence at successive individual players and the team As well as a brand new addition to build your own ballpark in case you wanna take a brand new stadium and Say you know what this is fine. But i want to knock down way park into my own version or wanna take out You know took that stadium and put my own vision in place if you do that too. So that's that's just a few things that are brand new pretty. Yeah for the rainy season. The other thing too is that you can take the helm of any major league team in history so we can do murderers row or the gas house gang. Or i can do billy ball ricky henderson oakland as you got it every single team and player in the history of baseball game so you can start right now. The twenty twenty one season and take a take the as or any the giants and turn them into whatever you want them to be. You know you manage a tire. Franchise from top to bottom trades agents You know this is not a stick skills. Game misses all about your brain and how you put together an organization and managed scout and draft and trade But yet you can also go back in time. The entire history based off from the late eighteen hundreds all here all the real teams real players real major league. Minor league teams So you can go back in time and and rewrite history or reliving however you want to and and you can even say i want to have things happen as they did or you can go to certain point in time to say not randomized us and unless it's have some fun and see what happens there. There's really you know i. It sounds like hyperbole. but there's almost no limit to the amount of different ways to play the part baseball and experienced reality of what happened or you know sort of have your own little different play on unreal baseball. Other thing too. Is you mentioned having the license from the league and the union ads legitimacy to this because there are some games that are fun but if it's you know farcical fendt fantastic names. It's just it's just not as real than plank with the real teams couldn't agree more of a few years ago we acquire the mlb license. Am ldp a license. And it's not just about stamping. You know the logo on there and and making the lows real you know. It's about getting real stadiums and getting a real artwork and getting real players and getting a real photos of getting the real data You know it. Just it elevates your game so much when you are officially partners and i use the word partner for reading because basically baseball and the major league baseball players association have both really stepped up and and and work with us especially the last couple of years even more closely as we have sort of been recognized as being this this kinda unique little. You know this unique little part of the major league baseball ecosystem right like it'll be. Has its big vigilant game. Like it's big. You know sort of Temple video games. Everybody knows the show for example but our game you know now. We go on him of network every year. We do our official world series predictions on. We got those right three to four times that we've done i'm You know we've done power these dream brackets. Where do these simulations of historical things. So it's really been amazing to work with major league baseball players association real time especially the last couple of years and it's really helped our game a lot to the point where gabe kappler uses our game During spring training and during down time to get him and his coaching staff reps like they've been public about it and give tap lots our podcast couple of weeks ago to talk about it so it's been a really remarkable evolution of our game and taken us definitely to a level that frankly i didn't i couldn't i couldn't even vision it better than than where he hung out from where we work years ago. It's pretty amazing. We're speaking with richard grisham out of the park baseball twenty two out this week. I think a lot of people need to understand too. Is that to play this game. You don't have to be good at video games. And i think that's what intimidate some people it's like. I'd like to be involved love baseball. But i've never was any good at it. You don't have to be good right now. In fact it's kind of a game meant for people like me. Like i'm i'm not the kind of person who is a competitive video game player like i don't press the buttons fast enough. I don't move the sticks. Well enough you know. I still like to play. You know you're madden's your nba. Case and stuff. But i i'm not i you know i can't compete. You don't have to be that kind of player to just about. Do you love baseball. And if you do or you know you love running an organization and if you do just have all these decisions that you make and like real baseball is very often. Not a writer arrive ascension. It's just about what kind of team do you wanna do. You wanna be a team. That's based around pitching defense. You wanna make sure you load up your bullpen with the most arms. What does that mean. You might have to sacrifice power you might have sexual contact with the sacrifice something right you know do you. Do you want to spend a lot of money on international and then over the course of a few years really build up your international pipeline or he wanted to focus on college players. You wanna use a little graft sorta fill in some gaps. Do you want to spend money to you. Wanna be like you know the new money in new york city. You know behind the match. Just start spending like crazy like there's all sorts of different options that you can you can do. Of course the fans are going to be there the whole time letting you know how successful you are owner is going to give you some leeway because you can't just you what you want to because you hadn't you're working for the owner so ultimately he's going to give you some goals and if you don't you don't take care of those right you might. You might be in a little trouble but of course if you want to. If you don't wanna have that pressure you can always turn off the The on the commissioner mode and you can sort of set it up to do whatever you want to just for fun in your own sandbox. So you can even customize experience where you are under the same sort of pressure as a real life general manager or you can just have fun and do what everyone to and that's really cool and as we know with baseball numbers mean more than any other sport like if you ask the what's kareem scoring record. I don't know how many touchdown passes peyton manning throw a lot but how many home runs how willie as hit six sixty. I mean baseball numbers. We hold them much more sacred and you can go into a deep dive into the numbers and.

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