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Ever a threat all day under, partly sunny hazy skies with. Eight degrees just a tad less humid tomorrow mostly sunny high eighty seven, so in real nice beach day according. To, storm team ten meteorologist Zac green was the stuff going to break finally the mugginess looks like the weekend. But will pay the price, with an unsettled weekend throughout g Wayne Miller and, today's Providence, Journal says federally mediated talks between United nurses and, allied professionals local fifty nine and, life spans Rhode Island hospital resumed yesterday twelve days after that walkout there but twelve days after you nap members returned to work in the wake of that three day strike and then they had. A one day lockup because the temps were, guaranteed four days of work so in talks ended for the. Day yesterday the federal mediators set August. The fifteenth for the next session why they have to wait so long, you nap spokesperson said that the union plans and informational pick From two. Until four. Pm that day outside of the Miriam, hospital in providence think we understand you know do we have to have these continuous for. Informational pickets Rhode Island hospital said, it's looking forward to resuming. Discussions with you naps bargaining committee and remains committed to a contract that, reflects the value of our unit represented. Employers, they said so we'll see union, members have been working without a contract since June the thirtieth now the. Members did vote last week, to authorize its bargaining team to issue a ten, day strike, notice should negotiations with lifespan breakdown they said now, they're employed at Rhode Island hospital, in Hasbro children's hospital those nurses there we one of our poll questions from about a week back we asked what's your appetite for a second strike by the nurses union would you support that. And you know again we don't claim that, our our poll questions or scientific in any way shape or. Form just gonna grist for the talk, Mellon conversation Melvin you didn't seem to have much of an Appetite for it I think. The lack empathy, for a second, a second strike by these nurses so hopefully they can get something done Gina Raimondo the, governor says charges, against staffer, of hers a disappointing and upsetting step Machado from eyewitness, news with that full story Daniel Brown now on paid leave from the governor's office as he faces charges of second degree sexual assault and procuring alcohol for a person. Under twenty, one is obviously disappointing and upsetting he still in the hospital so we have to. Have some compassion for that but if these allegations are found to be true then certainly he will be fired in a new police. Affidavit filed in providence district court police say Brown in his, alleged eighteen, year old victim. Met on July thirty first the victim telling police Brown took. Him to, the gym to the grocery store and then back to his? Apartment on terrace avenue? At one point, the, victim says Brown tragedy him inappropriately in the car then at the apartment, Brown is accused of giving the teen vodka mixed with orange juice at that point police write quote he stayed That one Brown was not paying, attention he took a knife from the kitchen and hit it in. His, waistband as he was becoming fearful of Brown then the teen. Says Brown grabbed his genitals he pulled out. The knife and stabbed Brown in the neck, the report says quote at this. Point he attempted to flee from the. Residents with Brown in pursuit he states that Brown grabbed, him and pulled an earring from his ear lobe the man says he. Did get out and ran away calling a relative as we've reported Daniel Brown has been arrested, at least four times during his time as a state. Employee I can't speak to what. Happened in administrations prior to, mine he's been a long time employee of the. State and the search warrant indicates police did recover, an earring in Brown's apartment and that eighteen year old alleged victim was initially charged with the, stabbing last week it is now up to the attorney general's office to. Decide, whether to prosecute him Daniel Brown is still in the hospital we have tried to reach out to the attorney who most recently..

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