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Year. Lifelock with Norton. More detection more protection. You're never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS. Good morning. I'm Pat foreign act three things to know at eleven fifteen one President Trump says Howard Schultz doesn't have the guts to run for president. And the president simply hopes that Starbucks continues to pay him rent for their store at Trump Tower to the city council speaker Cory Johnson says he's thinking of running for mayor in twenty twenty one he says he plans to take no money from corporate PACS or from anybody who works for a lobbying or real estate development company and three a tornado in Cuba has killed three people and injured one hundred seventy four have Vana was battered last night and this morning by powerful winds and heavy rain toppling light posts at crush cars throughout have Anna. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is launching a book tour talking about his time in President Trump's transition team and sharing his thoughts on the Russia in. Investigation earlier today, he made a stop at CBS this morning. And when at and was asked by John Dickerson about last week's arrest of longtime. Trump adviser Roger stone. You were a former US attorney registered complaining about the way. He's been treated that pre dawn raid is that out of the ordinary. Yes, it is. And and I will tell you that one of the things where I was what I was watching the reports that my wife asked me would you have done that. And I said the only way I would have ever done that. He was thirty is if we knew that he had a gun and someone has a gun in your indicting them. You worry about them killing themselves or harming others when I found out that Roger stone did not have a gun. I think it was over the top for them to do that. Because otherwise, he's not a flight risk. How could Roger stone get out of the country? Maybe SS Jeff peg as reports that Roger stone has told him that. In fact, the FBI came in and seized electronic devices multiple cell phones that he had could that have been the purpose of this race. Do you can do that? But you don't need to bring you know, guys with AR fifteen and inflec- jackets as if they're going to get shot when I saw them coming in with all the protective gear it signaled to me while they must know there are weapons inside which in Florida, the given the gun was that I think they were trying to intimidate them. And I think it's the wrong thing for prosecutors to do by that Mr. Muller made a mistake in authorizing that because you're going to be criticized rightfully so Christie says President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner believed the firing of national security adviser, Michael Flynn, would end, quote, unquote, the Russia thing Kristie writes in this book that he attended a lunch with the president Kushner on the day that Flynn was fired. And that Mr. Trump told the New Jersey Governor that quote, this Russia thing is all over. Now. I fired Flynn. On quote, our Peter Haskell, by the way, sat down with Chris Christie for an interview today, and we'll have more on Christie's insider view tomorrow morning. Eleven.

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