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Yankees, Toronto, Cincinnati discussed on WPRI Newsmakers


The the 985 the sports abby seats on they don't want them to pull that off i'm not going to say those things steve kyw's instead of doing that we're going to send it back to our top fair tire studios at brighton were jim lau standing by and he is ready to tell you all kinds of sports news and information including maybe a baseball score from today all right here jim with the headlines force his office that draft back he thought he throws it not her countryman's that was the game winner of the patriots come from behind for a thirty six thirty three win over the texans at gillette stadium today brandin cooks and chris hogan each with two touchdown catches in a game tom brady three hundred seventy eight yards and five touchdowns in the way in its 50th career gamewinning drive four o'clock gains marcus mariel with touchdown passes to rashard matthews in john smith titans leave the seahawks now 23 fourteen late in the third quarter aaron rodgers finds jordy nelson packers now trail the bangles 21 fourteen at lambeau that game in the third quarter as well and the chiefs leave that still lead the chargers seventeen 10 third quarter early games today bad database undefeated steelers rave broncos dolphins panthers lions and bucks all picked up their first losses of the year and the one o'clock games baseball mookie betts back in the lineup today had three rbi scored the gamewinning run red sox with the reds five the four today in cincinnati yankees losing toronto ninety five that means the a at least lead now five games the magic number of the.

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