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Your background and experience, what should they be doing at this point? I think what few people are talking about and hats off to Rubenstein for bringing it up. It's the jet ceiling. And it was yesterday it was Powell saying, I'm not stepping into anything. Good luck. I'll see you on the other side. People are not talking about this ticking clock. In the background and the parallels to 2011, which was really a bad time for markets. And we've already had two rating agencies come out and say, if this really does go down to the wire, then we are going to be potentially flirting with another downgrade of the sovereign debt of the United States. People just are not, they don't know where they don't know where to couch it. They don't know where to put it. And so I think that that is the thing that so few were talking about is that we could have a sequel of what markets look like in 2011. And that would not be a good thing. Was that really his remit? I mean, he's monetary, not fiscal. Or it's going to bleed out. I got to look at 20 seconds, of course. I asked him. No, no. But there are ways for monetary to come to the rescue of fiscal. And yesterday Powell said, not on my watch. That's your takeaway. Danielle di martino booth. CEO and chief judges over at quill intelligence. We thank you, as always, on a crucial day, of course, we're going to get a lot of fed speak. We got John Williams speaking earlier in the day, kind of saying what we thought he was going to say, right? But you all still have silicon commas from bostick cook. As Danielle just mentioned. That's a lot of talk. There's a lot of talk in a lot of messaging folks stick with us. The S&P 500 down 6 tenths of 1% NASDAQ down 1%. More ahead, this is Bloomberg. With progressive's name your price tool, you can find options to fit your budget. Because giving you options is the right thing to do. Oh yeah, like when I hold the door for someone. Sure, it may be weird if I don't time it right and they're a little too far away and now they're running and we're both asking ourselves, is it worth it to run instead of just, you know, letting them open their own door? But still

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