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Got shot you got pierreanatole time no i'm on top i've got to america on the option of america on why not russia and china it was quite not key west if general america i'm so about short korea jeff crime why are you came from endorsed treat to peace nick cave chart kid rock yup trump cupcake to hit man but guy somebody tokyu work on trump you got me moeller would be the military the did it but to get your point thank you john its first light and we have is this june home yeah we have jerome now mci something's going wrong you're there we go direct the phones are almost fixed may try this jerome in charleston south carolina good morning however i tomorrow there i got a real problem with our guy would part to do permanent what you can do to country to war i'm really really really work for the first time in a long time but balked is trump guy did not go to war with north korea we can't do it from loselose two jewish we can't dude you'd have to find some chronic diplomatic answer to lewis because to be patera free we do the gobi we worst kuwaiti or or iraq we came out due to look with syria looks like we can do we have a part of the week we'll jerami if if there is a war uh you can probably kiss a huge chunk of your 401 k a retirement savings goodbye but on the other hand how else do you deal with north korea there is no way to talk to him he's not going to he's on the follow up on any promise do there's a way to get out and we have to fight it's like dealing with charles charles manson you know you i mean he's he's he's not irrational human being war book or will they saw absolutely nothing to do not a good deal we go to war would do at all we gotta find award admitted got a cute you look really gone part well the military people i talk to agree with you that this is not the way to do it and that war would be a real real mess so i thank you for your call it's first lied and we are going to tom in naylor and they masaari good morning tom good morning i hope we don't go to war we we don't need their but added backbone.

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