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Because we have spent a lot of time already on msci we'll get to that details coming shortly the s p five hundred taking a bit of a beating today pretty broadbased selling about eighty percent of the index ended up in the read part of the reason was west texas intermediate wti crude falling into a bear market donoso is forty to seventy five at one point join which heading significantly higher than that now forty 45 here in the asia pacific but you know bear market is a bear market and it sent a lot of signals right throughout the market and also transports were down technology was down in the only sectors that actually did pretty well la he had defensive like health care and utilities all right let's get to msci including china's a shares of domestic equities in its benchmark indices and the weighting slightly higher than anticipated full details coming up shortly let's take a look at the futures here in the asia pacific now we don't know whether that will affect flows into asian stocks really about it does i guess lied a little bit of a positive look at china so it brings china more into the fold of the international financial system and we do see china features actually higher although that contract is not freshly traded but if you look at some of the ones that are freshly traded look like some modest losses other tipped for the day to day in terms of the cash market new zealand down about two tenths of one percent in terms of fx trades of dalian one eleven thirty five while that's a little bit stronger yen versus the dollar bloomberg dollars spotlight at 1200 on the nose and the euro trading and a dollar eleven so that's that's how it looks at the moment let's get let's get to the flow david yup finally i do that sweet sweet yes firm mci big when of course for china's effort to globalize its financial markets that's our top story this morning with the index compiler finally including a in an emerging market index oh i thought you meant of finally that data check is done yeah all right more details lover maiming sent you msci sees adding two hundred twenty two large chinese stocks and that's more than the one hundred sixty nine previously mentioned the inclusion will likely be in two.

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