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With your running mate jeff bartos who's running for the ten of governor you talked a lot about the school system and he just mentioned schools here and you also talked about the huge dropout rates and a lot of our schools so is education going to be one of the hallmarks of your of your platform richard is you know educate i see i the education as a as almost fourlegged stool you know uh you know if we can address a lot of ho a whole host of issues a lot of the issues you know i guess number one we have around two hundred fifty thousand skilled labour positions open of pennsylvania and we are training you know our students to fill those physicians we're talking to kids in 9th 10th 11th grader 10th 11th and twelve when we should be talking to them probably in fourth fifth they're sick them and i and i go and i'm feeling the labor crisis if my my various companies we can't five truck drivers and mechanics and and not everybody is built for college and you know i wasn't uh built for college you'll have a high school graduate i went to win sports community college for one year trade school and and i didn't finish and i kid back it started no some businesses around nineteen or twenty but you know when you go deeper into this issue uh i i learnt recently the dropout rate in the allentown school district is over thirty percent and could you imagine what would happen if we start talking to kids about career paths and fourth fifth and sixth grade at taking on board tours of uh you know i toured the the technology center of lackawanna county uh a week and a half ago it was an amazing so you could you could take kids on or toured japan had tech and williams four other trade schools there's triangle tax your saudi a stevens but you know what happens to those those still students we don't catch the early enough so by bye probably nicer kept grave they'd be tr they they have become drop out specifics and then one has to sit back rich and i you know.

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