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Is most effective in controlling the virus shot off a effective vaccine. I mean, it's kind of scary. Jonathan Montana's in Mali, Ford say Too many people are not wearing masks and crowded places. You see a lot of people without massively like walk right next to you, like no concern of space, personal space or anything like that. It's just crazy to see that people aren't really taking it as seriously the state Department of Public Health reporting 365 new covert cases and 20 new fatalities on the Thursday dashboard again that will be updated as it is every day around four o'clock today. The overall positive test rate, though, is about 1% for Massachusetts as a whole. That is the lowest Since March, but not so unease. BOSTON The Cove it positive test rate in East E rising over 11%. The city's overall rate has slowly gone down. Mayor Walsh has officials are offering free testing in the area. And they want to examine the data to try to figure out where these cases air coming from. Why is East Boston. Seeing the Spike Walsh also says the city is talking about the possibility of isolation housing for residents in East Boston, who test positive To allow them to quarantine away from their families. Well, it seems like maybe it's a miss. But love conquers all, even during a pandemic dating sites or seeing a surgeon usage in recent months. Love hasn't been canceled in the age of Corona virus. Popular dating sites. Report spikes in usage and more people are meeting in person is the pandemic drags on. Some insist on precautions before a face to face encounter, while others take no precautions. Usu, host of the Datable podcast, says connections are often deeper now is people bond over feelings of loneliness, helplessness and loss. Pam Coulter. CBS NEWS You have the APP. But do you have a story? I've been doing Traffic for 23 years. I have yet to be this way. Haven't overhyped truck over on Soldier's Field Road. This truck driver actually turn their.

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