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Again, nothing organized should be all volume on one idea looking for a crash near 1 97 expect to find police directing. I'm took home way. WTF the traffic. Right now. The storm team four meteorologist Mike Standiford, Mike the shovels out of the garage Now the salt sitting there. I'm ready to go. Yeah, For some. This was an archaeological dig things that we haven't seen any real stones for the last couple of years. So, Yeah, I had to spider webs around the shovel in the in the salt in. But, yeah, we have a winter storm warning for the entire region goes from early Sunday morning until 6 a.m. on Tuesday. So the geographical area And the time frame has been expanded for tonight will see an increase in cloud cover snow developing after midnight and lows be the mid to upper twenties. Everyone will see snow by sunrise on Sunday morning snow likely during the day on Sunday. I think the stuff they come down heavier times several inches of snow will be on the ground by sunset. Obviously traveling is going to be quite tricky. By Sunday afternoon, we could see that snow mixed with her changed over the freezing rain and some plain rain. Cross the southern suburbs by late the day. Hi, sort of mid thirties. Now Sunday night, the precipitation is gonna briefly taper off. We'll see a limit of life's not times door In the light, wintry mix over the metro area, committed some light rain and drizzle across the southern suburbs Close their twenties to lower thirties. But as an area of low pressure winds up along the coast on Monday, we'll see everything changed back over to snow showers by after him, and it could be so more accumulations to highs Monday will be in the low to mid thirties cold with snow showers tapering off on Tuesday with highs only in the thirties. Once again snow totals for the recent 6 to 10 inches possible across the northern suburbs, 4 to 8 across immediate metro area and look for 3 to 6 inches possible across our southern suburbs. Temperature's pleasant right now, that was 36 Frederik $37 Airport and Mike were 38 at Reagan National. Thank you, Michael right now. 34 degrees outside the w T o P studio brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee. Only a mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. It is 2 52 a w T o p 13 year old Waldorf boy has been shot. It happened while he was inside a bedroom in a home on university. Dr. He was wounded when a person or persons, according to police opened fire.

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