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The nation and improvement from forty ninth because of last year as teacher pay raise the NEA says the median income for an Oklahoma educator is fifty two thousand four hundred twelve dollars and that includes retirement and health care premiums. That's at thirteen point two percent increase from the last academic year. State House Democrats today released their budget, proposal and education is a big part of it. Their proposed budget includes a twelve hundred dollar pay raise for teachers and support staff two hundred million for classroom spending and supplies a state employee pay raise expanding, Medicaid and increasing funding to mental health services among other things health democratically dirt Emily, virgin says a budget is a moral document. And she says this budget. It fulfills our moral obligations as a state for the first time in a decade. A person was shot and killed over the weekend. In law had happened outside of motorcycle club. Police say that there was a fight inside the club that spilled outside and two people were shot. One died at the scene. The other was taken to a hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. Police say the shooting is being investigated as a homicide. Measles continues to spread in the United States. In an update today. The CDC said that there have been seven hundred four cases reported so far this year in twenty two states. There have been no cases reported in Oklahoma. There have also been no deaths reported the CDC says this year's count includes forty four people who caught the disease while they were travelling in another country, and then they came back and some of them triggered US outbreaks mostly among unvaccinated, people Tulsa police believe a woman who hit two people with their car after a fight as. Skating rank in sand springs was drunk Jenista. Kearns got into a fight with two people inside the skating rink. And then went outside got into her car and police say she drove right at three people hitting two of them. The victims were not seriously injured. Kearns was arrested on multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon and an officer involved shooting in Hugo injuries, the suspect and three children and leads to an arrest. Here's KT okays. Jack Wallen Scott authorities have been looking for twenty one year old William von Smith in April eleventh robbery at a pizza restaurant. They caught up to him Friday in a vehicle at a food centre, and Hugo and shots were fired. Smith was taken to a hospital in Paris, Texas, where he was treated and released that arrested. He was booked into the Choctaw county jail on an aggravated robbery complaint. The three injured children ages five four and one. And a fourth child were also in the vehicle and the injured children were taken to a hospital in Tulsa with non. Life threatening injury. The head of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg says the company is working to make sure the seven thirty seven max is one of the safest airplanes ever to fly. Bloomberg says, the company will now provide enhanced training for pilots. Additionally, he says, they regret the impact the airlines and lion. Air crashes and apologized to those who lost loved ones..

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